This week in Vermillion City Pool League

By Joe "MOJO" Reiser

Hello again folks. A cold winter has been wearing on the lot of us, and we look forward to the warmth of a coming spring. Let us now look back to a Week 11 of our 9Ball league and see how the team standings stack up. 

1)Maya Janes 2  181-94..65.8 percent.
2)Whimps  127-73..63.5 percent.
3)Char 1 166-109..60.4 percent.
4)Leos 1  148-102..59.2 percent.
5)Char 2 135-115..54 percent.
6)Maya Janes 1  148-127..53.8 percent.
7)Varsity 1 140-135..50.9 percent.
Tie 8)Leos 3 and Eagles 2  139-136..50.5 percent. 
10)Eagles 1  113-112..50.2 percent.
11)Leos 2 130-145..47.3 percent.
12)Maya Janes 3 124-151..45.1 percent.
Tie 13)Careys 1 and Leos 4  123-152..44.7 percent.
15)Varsity 2 96-129..42.7 percent.
16)Bunyans 1  117-158..42.5 percent.
17)Bunyans 2  106-169..38.5 percent.
18) Careys 2 70-130..35 percent.

There are some honors to pass out for week 11. The 9Ball Breakers were Dan "Semi" Semmler of Bunyans 1 and Travis "Too Tough" Taggart of Leos 1. The "Gold Star" performers that shot 5-0 for the night were Luke Muhlbauer of Varsity 1, "Skinny" Smith of the Whimps White Gloves, "Hot Rod" Jensen of Char 2, Troy Nicks of MJ2, Travis "Way Too Tough" Taggart of Leos 1 and Jere "Chappy" Chapman of Leos 4. 
A trio of shooters wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" for going 0-5 they were Dean Clodfelder, Eric Hanson and Andrew Lesch. Congrats to all of those great achievements.

Here is the schedule for the Feb. 3 match up. The home team is listed first. Leos 1 vs Maya Janes 2; Char 1 vs Leos 2; Bunyans 1 vs Varsity 1; Leos 3 vs Eagles 1; Maya Janes 3 vs Maya Janes 3; Eagles 2 vs Char 2; Varsity 2 vs Careys 1; Leos 4 vs Whimps; Careys 2 vs Bunyans 2.

Now let's check out the games and who dealt out the punishment and who took the beating. In a battle at the Varsity it was the Varsity 1 Lettermen dealing a 19-6 initiation to the Varsity 2 shooters. Luke Muhlbauer lead the way with a perfect 5-0 night. Mike Stewart, Matt "Doc" Taggart and Wade "True Blue" Mount each collected four wins to flex the Varsity 1's collective muscles.

At Careys the White Gloves of Whimps crushed the Careys 9Ballers by a score of 18-7. "Skinny" Smith collected the inner game loot and five wins to pace the White Gloves. Glenny Mac and Rob Leckband also chipped in with four wins for the night. The trio of Luke Lacey, "DB" Hovalt and "MOJO" Reiser lead the pathetic path for Careys 1 with two wins each.

At Bunyans the Char 2 raced to a 17-8 blow out of Bunyans 1. "Hot Rod" Jensen was a perfect 5-0 and was assisted by Ryan "Dino" Dineen and Josh Kimlicka, who had four wins each.  Donny Stewart was 4-1 for the Westsiders.

At Maya Janes the Maya Janes 1 team dealt out a 16-9 defeat to Careys 2. "T" Wilson King, Gerit Soljie and Scott Tissue were four game winners for MJ1. Collene Zea banged in four 9Balls for the Careys 2 shooters.

At Maya Janes it was league leading Maya Janes 2 issuing a 16-9 clubbing of Maya Janes 3. Troy Nicks was a hot shooting 5-0 and got some help from Brian Lambertz' four wins. Four of the MJ3 shooters had two wins each.

At Leos it was Travis "OH my, way too tough" Taggart leading the way as Leos 1 banged out a 15-10 win over Bunyans 1. Taggart was a perfect 5-0 with his last win coming from a 9Ball break. Rusty Jensen pitched in with four wins for Leos 1. Jody Sailer rolled in four 9Balls to help the "Bombers" cause. Leos 1 press agent Yo Saggerson said no autograph session was held due to the weather.

At the Char Bar, seasoned veteran Bill Willroth circumnavigated the pool table and bagged four wins to lead Char 1 to a 15-10 victory over Leos 3. Troy, "Big Dog" and "Husker" all had three win nights to help the aging Willroth. For Leos 3 it was Brett Mockler and Cam Nettestadt leading the way with three wins each.

At Leos, Jere "Chappy" Chapman posted a 5-0 night to propel the Leos 4 team past the Eagles 1 by a 14-11 score. Jim "Fy Daddy" Frye and Gary Prosser helped the cause with three wins each. The Eagles 1 team was lead by "Downtown" Dick Brown, who won three games and looked extremely good and quite competitive.

At the Eagles, the closest match of the night was won by Leos 2 on a Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson 24th game victory. Leos 4 was a 13-12 road winner over the Eagles 2 shooters. Danny Doty, Gilbertson and Ryan Baedke each pulled out three wins to lead the Leos 2 team. Rod "The Bod" Tieman hearded in four 9Balls to lead the Eagles 2 effort.

Well, that just about gets it. Note: There will be a 8 ball "Scotch Doubles" random partner tourney at Leos Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. Talk to Rusty or Husker for details. Until next week, please stay warm. Thanks. MOJO.

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