This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

The frigid cold has let up for the time being and a more civil temperature has prevailed. The new semester is on at the university and the 2010 part of our pool season has commenced.

Lets have a look at the standings after week 10. 
1)Maya Janes 2  165-85..66 percent.
2)Whimps  109-66..62.3 percent.
3)Char 1  151-99..60.4 percent.
4)Leos 1 133-92..59.1 percent.
5)Maya Janes 1  132-118..52.8 percent.
6)Char 2  118-107..52.4 percent.
7)Leos 3  129-121..51.6 percent.
8)Eagles 1  102-98..51 percent.
9) Eagles 2  127-123..50.8 percent.
10)Varsity 1  121-129..48.4 percent.
11)Leos 2 117-133..46.8 percent.
12)Careys 1 116-134..46.4 percent.
13) Maya Janes 3  115-135..46 percent.
14)Varsity 2  90-110..45 percent.
15)Leos 4  109-141..43.6 percent.
16) Bunyans 1  107-143..42.8 percent.
17) Bunyans 2 98-152..39.2 percent.
18) Careys2 61-114..34.9 percent.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the most senior member of our 9ball league is also a member of the "Gold Star" group. Dick Brown was a perfect 5-0 in the Eagles match at Bunyans. The other members of the "Gold Star" group for this week are Todd Radigan, Nathan Bork both shooting for league leading Maya Janes 2, and from second place Whimps, Glenny Mac and Rob Whitegloves. 

The individuals that shot 0-5 for the week and found themselves on "The Bottom of the Barrel" were Andrew Lesch, Dennis Navarat, Jared "Cheeks" Heiden, Josh Randall, Jesse Greenway and Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson.

The 9ball breakers for week 10 were Colleen Zea and Bobby Langner of Careys 2, Mike Hekrdle of Leos 2 and Wade Hanson,from Leos 4, who made 2 9balls on the break. Congratulations to the members of each list.

So, it's on to the play by play to see who whipped the back side of whom. Maya Janes 1 took a cruse to "Beautiful downtown Burbank" for a session with the Whimps White Gloves. Whimps dusted off the cues and racked the balls for a 20-5 defeat of MJ1. Interestingly enough was the fact that Whimps won 4 of the 5 games in each of the five sets. Maya Janes did manage to not get swept each and every set. Glenny Mac and Rob were 5-0 for Whimps with Mike winning 4 games to urge along the pace. MJ1 had 2 shooters that won two games each. This big victory pushes Whimps into second place. League leaders Maya Janes 2 was on the road to visit the Varsity 2 for a clash with "Banger " and his men. 

Todd Radigan and Nate Bork both shot "lights out" and posted 5-0 nights. Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown laid down a heavy groove and four wins to push MJ2 to a 19-6 win over the Varsity 2 shooters. Jason "Banger" Bengford won three to lead his team. In another 19-6 beating, The Eagles 1 soared high above Bunyans 2 and white-washed the Bomber's windshields. Crafty veteran Dick Brown, lead the high fliers with a perfect 5-0 night . Mr. Brown received some help from Cliff Deverell and Clark Lewison who, had four wins each.  Bunyans 2 captain, Blaine Schoellerman had two wins to lead his team.

At the Char Bar, Josh Kimlicka and Ryan "Dino" Dineen each pounded out four wins to cruise past the Careys 9Ballers by a score of 16-9. Josh Biever and Dustin Schemp each holed three 9Balls to assist the Char 2 in its win. A sick and "totally" under the weather "MOJO Reiser" arrived late and won four games to save the Careys bacon.

The "Other" Char Bar team was on the road to visit the Eagles 2 team and dished out a 16-9 besting at the local nesting ground. Case Allison and Husker were four game winners for Char 1. Troy and Bill Willroth each banged out three wins to stir the coals of victory. Tim Dooley and Rod "The Bod" Tieman were three game getters for the Eagles 2 team.

At Careys, The Lettermen of the Varsity 1 team served up a 15-10 defeat of Careys 2. Matt "Doc" Taggart was top shooter for the night with four wins for the Lettermen. Luke Muhlbauer, Mike Stewart and Wade Mount helped the cause with three wins each for the Varsity 1 team. Careys 2 was topped out by the dynamic duo of Colleen Zea and Bobby Langner who each had a 9Ball break and won three games.

In a battle of smoke and mirrors, Leos 3 took down Leos 1 by a score of 15-10. Balanced scoring and superior guile were the tools needed to reign supreme for the night. All five of the Leos 3 shooters were three game winners. Mark "Stick" Clark was also a three game winner for Leos 1 to pace his team.

Bunyans 1, lead by Jeff Soloman's four wins pushed the Westsiders to a 14-11 road victory over Maya Janes 3. Jamie Erickson and Jeremy Kirkpatrick helped the cause with three win each. Ben Dover rolled in four 9Balls to lead the MJ3 team. Let it be known that Bunyans 1 ran the last set for five strait wins and a 14-11 win.

In the closest mach of the night Leos 4 sneaked past Leos 2 for a 13-12 victory. Curt Kuiper and Wade "Blues Man" Hanson were four game winners. Hanson made two 9Ball breaks for half of his wins. Gary Prosser was a three game winner to help out Leos 4. Leos 2 had a foursome of Mike Hekrdle, Ryan Baedke, Jami Baedke and Jay Christopherson who, each scored three wins for the night.
Here is the schedule for Wednesday Jan. 27. The home team is listed first. Char1 vs Leos1; Maya Janes 2 vs Bunyans 1; Leos 3 vs Leos 2; Maya Janes 3 vs Varsity 1; Eagles 1 vs Eagles 2; Varsity 2 vs Maya Janes 1; Leos 4 vs Char 2; Careys 2 vs Careys 1; Bunyans 2 vs Whimps.

Well there you have it folks. Things are getting good enough to get out there and watch some pool. Until next time, thanks. MOJO.

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