This Week in Vermillion Pool League

Hello folks and Happy New Year. We have seen some heavy snow, viscous cold weather and the the loss of some friends and family members, but like always, the people of Vermillion some how survive and thrive and push on to the good times.

Here are the week nine standings.

1) Maya Janes 2
146-79  64.9 percent.
 2)Leos 1 123-77…61.5 percent.
 3)Char 1  135-90…60 percent.
 4)Whimps  89-61…59.3 percent. 
5)Maya Janes1  127-98…56.4 percent. 
6)Eagles 2  107-93…53.5 percent.
7)Char 2  102-98…51 percent. 
8)Leos 3 100-100…50 percent.
 9)Varsity 2 84-91…48 percent.
10)Careys 1 107-118…47.6 percent.
11)Eagles 1 83-92…47.4 percent.
12)Varsity 1  106-119…47.1 percent.
13)Leos 2  105-120…46.7 percent.
14)Maya Janes 3  104-121…46.2 percent.
15) Leos 4  96-129…42.7 percent.
16)Bunyans 1  93-132…41.3 percent.
17)Bunyans 2 92-133…40.9 percent.
18)Careys 2  51-99…34 percent.

So, there is the league standings. Let's take a peek at the results from week nine. The night was rough for Bunyans 1 as their team rolled into the Varsity looking for some action and action was what they got. Super sub Dean Clodfelder paced the Varsity 2 with five  wins zero losses and a nine ball break. Jason "Banger" Olafson also banged out five wins and was assisted by Terry "Smiley" Bernard's four wins in a 20-5 blow out of Bunyans 1. Jeff Solomon and Jeremy Kirkpatrick each had two wins for the Bombers.

Maya Janes 2 defended home felt as the top team in the league delivered a 18-7 whipping of Careys 2. Barry "Rock-n-Roll" Brown, Brian Lambertz and Troy Nicks each had four wins for MJ2. MJ2's other two players also had three wins. Zac Lacey was a three game winner for Careys 2.

Bad news was in store for the seasoned Leos 4 team as Char 1 rolled into Leos and BBQed Leos 4. Grill master Kase Allison smoked out five wins and was assisted by three wins from each of the other players of Char 1. Harlin "Yer jerkin' my" Durkin was a four game winner for Leos 4.

Leos 2 hit the road to the West side of Vermillion and collected a 16-9 win over Bunyans 2 at Bunyans. Jeff  "Fleet" Gilbertson and Ryan Baedke each pounded out four wins for the Downtowners. Jami Baedke and Mike Hekrdle were three game winners to assist. Eric Hanson won four games while Donny Stewart and Blaine Schollerman helped the cause with two wins each for the home team.

Leos 1 defended home turf with a 16-9 besting of Maya Janes 3. Aaron "Too Bad" Baedke, Stevie Thiesen and Mark "Stick" Clark were four game winners for Leos 1. Rob Robbie Robin Roboleski rolled in three 9 balls and was robbed of the other two wins for MJ3.

Maya Janes 1 kept things in the winning way by dropping a 15-10 win on Char 2. Scott Towels was a four game winner and got some help from Carson Kennedy, Gerit Soljie and Josh Whatyamacallim with three wins each for Maya Janes 1. Alex Baker rolled in three 9 balls for Char 2.

In beautiful downtown Burbank, Skinny and Rob were four game winners while extracting a 14-11 win over the Lettermen of the Varsity 1. Wade "True Blue" Mount was a four game winner for the Lettermen.

In the closest match of the night, Joe "MOJO" Reiser sealed off five wins and had a 9 ball break to lead Careys 1 past the Eagles 1 team. Dana "DB" Hovalt was a four game winner and collected the final win in the 25th game of the night, to push Careys 1 to a 13-12 win. Clark Lewison and Ron Johnson were three game winners for the high flying birds of prey.

"It was a real close match that went back and forth all night" commented Larry Edwards of the Eagles. "We looked to our seasoned leadership tonight," offered Luke Lacey of the Careys team, "And they really pulled us through."  added Lacey.

Well, that's all for the play by play of the games. Let's see what honors the night had for it's shooters. Going 5 and 0 and receiving a "Gold Star Performance" award were Kase Allison, Dean Clodfelder, Jason Boteranger and Yours Truely , Joe "MOJO" Reiser.  The men who made 9 balls on the beak were Jerry Sommervold, Stevie Thiesen, Rob Robbie Robin Yatayata, Dean Clodfelder and "MOJO" Reiser.

So much for the awards…. the 0 and 5ers that wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" are Rick Haught, Curtis Mincks, Patrick Farrens, Luke Lacey, Mike Stewart, Brandon Bendover, Dan "Semi" Semmler, Collene Zea and Bobby Langner. Congrats to the winners and so sorry to the bottom of the barrel.

The Schedule for Jan. 20 is (home team listed first) Leos 1 vs Bunyans 1. Char 1 vs Leos 3. Maya Janes 3 vs Maya Janes 2. Eagles 2 vs Leos 2. Varsity 2 vs Varsity 1. Leos 4 vs Eagles 1. Maya Janes 1 vs Careys 2. Bunyans 2 vs Char 2. Careys 1 vs Whimps.

Well, that is all I have for this week. I do want to hang my head in shame as I admit to using "Steroids" in the calender year 2009. I would like you all to know that I was not on "Steroids" when I went 5-0 and made a 9 ball on the break. Kids if you are reading this… "Steroids" is not the way to go. Don't be fooled by the results. They only wind up giving you pain in the end.
It's so good to have that off of my chest. (Just so you all know… this is what is offered as comedy from my end of things). Until next week, thanks a billion and drive safely. MOJO.

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