Throughout history, it seems, blizzards pose problems

These past two weeks with all the bad weather I decided it was time to get out my old Reverse Time Machine to see how my friend Oog would have handled snow removal during his time. The Christmas storms left us with huge drifts, blocking our roads and made auto travel difficult.

WAL:  The snowfall was so massive that we were caught unaware of  the eventual problems facing us.  What did you do when a blizzard happened to you?

Oog:  What's a blizzard?  Is it something like a buzzard?  We have lots of them here.

WAL:  A blizzard is a swirling snowstorm and we weren't ready for it.  What  did you do to prevent traffic from piling up?

Oog:  Well, you know, we don't have mechanical gear like you have so we just hitched up a Brontosaurus to a log and used "him" to clear a trail.

WAL What about driveways?

Oog:  Well, we just closed them up.

WAL: That's what we did.  We didn't learn much in the intervening centuries.

Oog:  Of course hitching up a Brontosaurus is no easy chore.  We should just teach our wives to do this.  After all, all they have to do is keep the caves clean, cook our meals and sit or do nothing.

WAL:  Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think Phyllis would go for it and besides I don't own a Brontosaurus!

Oog: Where did they put all the snow they hauled away?
WAL: They can take it back where it came from as far as I'm concerned!
But I was wondering if your children played in the snow or built snowmen like our kids do here?

Oog: No.  Their fingers got too cold so they couldn't stay out too long.  Besides our children don't play very much.

WAL:  Well, so long for now, friend.  Your suggestions weren't worth a hoot this time so I hope you will do better next time I have to use my Time Machine!

© 2010 Robert F. Karolevitz

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