Vermillion residents urged to clear sidewalks of snow

The city of Vermillion began checking and tagging sidewalks effective Tuesday, Jan. 12.  Citizens are asked to make sure their sidewalks are not in violation of City Ordinance §96.12 Snow and Ice.  The ordinance reads as follows:
• Vermillion City Ordinance § 96.12 SNOW AND ICE.  states that every person in control of any building or lot of land within the city fronting, or abutting on a paved sidewalk, whether as the owner, tenant, occupant, lessee, or otherwise, shall remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of or abutting on the building or lot of land within 24 hours after any fall of snow or freezing rain.  When freezing rain has resulted in frozen ice upon the sidewalk, making it impossible to remove, the person in charge shall sprinkle or spread some suitable material upon the sidewalk to prevent the sidewalk from being slippery and dangerous to pedestrian travel.
• 24 hours after accumulations of 2 inches or more of snow, blowing snow or freezing rain, city staff will check all sidewalks for compliance. Complaints can also be made to the Code Enforcement Department at (605) 677-7050.
• Please clear the entire constructed width of the public sidewalk, also clear ramps at corners that abuts your property.
• If possible, wait until the snow plows have cleared the streets before shoveling. Plows may need to push snow onto curbs and sidewalks, to keep streets clear.
• The fine for failing to comply with the city's sidewalk snow removal ordinance is Ten dollars ($10.00) per Violation.
• Even if you are on vacation, or have equipment breakdowns, it is still your responsibility, as the property owner, to ensure that your sidewalks are cleared.
• A provision of this ordinance also permits that if the owner or occupant fails to clear the sidewalk of snow within the time allowed, the city may remove the snow and clear the sidewalk. The city may then seek reimbursement of the expense incurred plus a twenty five dollar ($25.00) service fee from the owner or occupant.

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