Are we even debating<br />Hyperion anymore?

To the Editor:
Do you get the feeling Hyperion's backers are struggling to get things straight?
A rural water system refused their service request. Citizen groups are suing to reverse the sloppy, weak air permit issued by South Dakota. SD Gov. Mike Rounds is promoting Hyperion for carbon sequestration experiments. That's almost funny. Anybody who understands this area's geology knows that injecting carbon into the ground won't work here. I'd say Gov. Rounds is looking for a gimmick to help Hyperion get moving, or maybe he's shopping for some federal money for Hyperion.
We do know that Hyperion – if built – will pour millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. We know the refinery industry is shutting down plants left and right, is operating at less the capacity, and is fighting for dear life to remain relevant as the world shifts away from fossil fuels. So, why are we even debating this debate anymore? Why do we want to trade thousands of acres of the world's best farmland for a dirty oil refinery bringing noise, pollution and transient workers to our stable, clean rural area?
Can't we do better than Hyperion's dirty oil refinery?

Christina Driver
Rural Alcester/Hawarden

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