Gustafson is Sanford Vermillion <br />PRIDE Employee of the Month

Gayle Gustafson, assistant director of nursing, Sanford Care Center Vermillion, was selected as the February 2010 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Gayle has been employed at Sanford Vermillion since August 2006.

The following comments were shared in nominations for Gustafson. "Gayle sets an example to fellow nurses and CNA's because she is a team player. She is an amazing nurse, very caring and compassionate. Sanford is lucky to have her as a part of the Care Center staff. I believe she is deserving of Employee of the Month nomination!"

"Gayle has a great attitude and always asks what else she can do or if we need anything. She is great with the residents and a pleasure to work with."

"Gayle is a very good nurse. She helps out a lot with things that may not even be her job but she knows they need to be done. She is a team worker and never puts others down. She is always cheerful and happy, and is always making others laugh. She is the perfect example for a good nurse. Other nurses could learn a lot from her."

"Gayle does a wonderful job helping staff when needed. She is ready to jump in on any task. Gayle's sense of humor keeps both residents and staff upbeat and positive. In the past two-and-one-half  years, Gayle has learned to cover most any role. Thank you for your dedication," said Amy Thiesse, director of nursing, Care Center at Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

Gayle is a native of Sioux Falls. Gayle and her significant other Doug reside in Yankton.

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