Hyperion will <br /> cut farm incomes <br /> <br />

To the editor:

Hyperion supporters dwell on the project's job benefits, but they don't talk about lost farm land and lost economic productivity related to that land.  Consider that Hyperion has options to purchase 6,000 acres, and those acres could be taken out of agricultural production. Let's split those 6,000 acres based on existing Union County land use, figuring 4,000 for corn and 2,000 for soybeans. 

Economists' modeling calculates income activity related to 4,000 corn acres is $621,540. The model also reveals that income from 2,000 bean acres equals $207,184. Total annual income coming from crop production on 6000 acres is $828,724. 

These are annual income approximations spread among a variety of people such as farmers, seed sellers, loan officers, hardware clerks, implement mechanics, fertilizer technicians, and more, and these are incomes that stay in the local community and circulate in the local community.  Hyperion will eliminate sizeable and traditional forms of income – over $828,000 each year – in our area. 

Additionally, consider this: Up to 800,000 bushels of corn and 90,000 bushels of beans won't be grown yearly because Hyperion will take farm land out of production. Did you know that Union County topped South Dakota in per-acre yields for both corn and soybeans? 

Hyperion will destroy up to 6,000 acres of the most fertile and productive farmland in South Dakota and the United States. Forever.

Dale Harkness
Elk Point

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