Powell selected to Policy Makers Council

The city of Vermillion announces that City Councilman Jack Powell has been selected to the Policy Makers Council (PMC) of the American Public Power Association.
The PMC of the APPA is an appointed committee whose mission is to assist APPA in promoting legislation that is important to its members or opposing harmful legislation, and to provide advice on other issues of importance to the organization. The council is made up of 40 members who serve on either utility boards or are elected officials in public power communities. Four members are appointed to the Council from each of the 10 geographic regions recognized by APPA. In addition, there are a number of "At-Large" members of the Council from across the country who are appointed based on vacancies in the 10 regions. These At-Large Members are appointed for one-year terms, while the regional members are appointed for three-year terms.
The APPA expects 2010 will be a busy legislative year and that the PMC will play a key role advocate public power's positions on such important matters as climate change, railroad competition, cyber security and the Electric Market Reform Initiative (EMRI). The APPA is excited to have dedicated, enthusiastic, and active community leaders like Vermillion's Jack Powell to help us achieve these goals.

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