Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

Vermillion's own, Marcelline Garvis, a Stewardess on United Air Lines, has flown 90,000 miles.  Her duties include collecting tickets, making up traffic reports for each flight, providing conversation and calling out points of interest along the route, serving luncheon aloft, providing reading material to passengers and other ways adding comfort to air transportation.

The federal government poured $143,000,000 in loans, grants and benefit payments into South Dakota in 1934.  That's approximately $206.00 for every man; woman and child in the state, if everyone had shared equally.

The filing fees collected at the Register of Deeds office in 1934 totaled $2,745.65.  This is considerable more than the salary and expenses attached to the office.

During 1934 the American people ate an average of 67 pounds of beef, probably the highest average consumption in at least 20 years.

The Vermillion Municipal Electric Plant said you can light your home well and do your cooking for $6.80 per month.

Local organizations are asking permission from the hospital board to memorialize rooms in the new building.

A new plan is being put into operation through Clay County relief office in securing youths for the CCC Camp enrollment according to Director George W. Scott.  "We want young single men between the ages of 18 and 25 inclusive and who are members of relief families, to make application for CCC work.  A CCC Camp may be secured at Vermillion if the projects are accepted.  The camps are under general supervision of the forestry department, and engage particularly in water conservation and soil erosion projects.

In 1885 there were 125 pupils enrolled at the winter term of the University.

A petition of W. T. Radigan and 21 other property owners on Prospect Street was presented to the city council asking for better lighting on their street.  C. B. Richardson, Supt. of the Water Plant appeared before the council to report on the condition of the old Triplex pump which has been in use since 1912.  He advised the purchase of a new pump.  The matter was referred to the water committee.

The entire one-fourth of the town of Burbank was sold for $5000.00 recently when Ole Helgeson, a farmer from near Ortonville, Minnesota, purchased eight city blocks from Mr. & Mrs. James Stefani of Burbank.

Last Thursday was fire prevention day in Vermillion and 26 members of the S. D. Fire Prevention Association, assisted by members of the local department, inspected Vermillion business places and other buildings, pointed out fire hazards and left instructions for correcting the same.  Vermillion didn't pass with flying colors as it was found that out of the 116 places inspected just one was found to be without fire hazards.  However, most of the fire hazards were of minor nature and can be easily remedied.

A band of Gypsies invaded Clay County Tuesday afternoon.  Hans Peterson reported a loss of $120.00.  The money was taken by one of the women in the slight of hand performance.  They left the area and acting Sheriff Patridge made a thorough search of the county but could not trace them.  The band is said to have originated in Oklahoma.

Sister Myrtle Elizabeth Anderson of Immanuel hospital in Omaha will be the Supervisor of Nurses at Dakota Hospital.  While the hospital will be non-sectarian; it will be operated under the highly efficient Lutheran Deaconess system.

It was the year of 1903 or 1904 that the athletic program had its start at Vermillion High School.  Mr. Donahue, Mr. Cotton, Mr. C. Anderson, Mr. Paulson all students and several others decided to start an athletic department.  As they needed money to finance their experiment they went to a local bank and borrowed a hundred dollars or more with the years remaining until their graduation in which to repay it.  Soon time for graduation was drawing near and the amount still remained unpaid.  However, after giving plays, cutting down expenditures, and working hard to earn money in other ways, the debt was paid and the program was started.  Although they may not have realized at the time, they left something greater and finer for the following generations than any bust or ornament could have done.

All the rooms at the new hospital have been memorialized.  Names of those donating will receive recognition with the name being inscribed on bronze plaques placed appropriately in the hospital.

The possibility of obtaining a CCC camp in Clay County is exceptionally favorable and county authorities feel if all details are worked out this summer the state forestry reserve will locate a camp here this fall.

Opening of the hospital is delayed because of the elevator installation.  There has been a delay as to the kind of elevator to be installed.  There is a difference of $56.00 in the cost of the two elevators.  The one the committee wanted was the more expensive one, but the PWA officials insisted that the low bid must be accepted.  Rev. Roseland made a trip to Washington to try to get action on the matter.

Robbers made entry into the Miesenholder Department store by using a rope through the skylight.  The store was robbed of 100 silk dresses valued at $1,000.00; 500 pairs of women's stockings, valued at $350.00; 10 men's suits; suitcases and luggage; several pairs of men's and women's shoes.  The slight evidence available indicated there were at least 2 men, one apparently either young or a small man climbed to the roof and broke out 2 panes of glass in the skylight.  He tied a double strand of clothes line rope around one of the braces, and slid down into the store.  Afterwards he opened the elevator door from the inside for his confederate.

I. D. Weeks, 34 years of age, has been appointed as the 11th  President of the University of South Dakota

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