Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

J. R. Dunlap unofficially known as "South Dakota's Melon King" remarked he picked all his melons himself and that his eyes were about worn out.  He said any melon man could spot a ripe melon anytime with his eyes, and that the plink-plunk system was as far out of date as hoop skirts and bustles.

Dr. G. W. Collins was honored at a surprise party in the Methodist Church in observance of his 38 years of consecutive services as the director of the Methodist Church choir.

Entering five fraternity houses early Monday morning, a lone robber made off with $416.00 in cash, three typewriters, two wrist watches and a new suit of clothes.  No clues to who the robber might be have come to light at the present time.

Work will begin on the new hospital Monday.  Contractor Holtz said that under the PWA regulations, he is required to use labor from the local relief lists for all work except where skilled work needs to be done.

According to Gordon Carmen, Captain of the University team said it was a tough battle to win when Austin school and Jolley School clashed in a fight to the finish football game.  Austin nosed out the victory by 35 to 0.

The enrollment at the University stands at 711 at noon on Monday.  Last year at the close of the first week there were 596 students enrolled.

Vermillion fire insurance rate was made more secure Monday when the city council purchased a new fire truck from the Luverne Fire Apparatus Company, giving the city a truck pumping capacity of over 1000 gallons per minute.  The other truck was purchased in 1922.  The new truck will cost $5500.00.  The old truck will be repaired as soon as the new one arrives, giving Vermillion one of the best equipped fire departments in South Dakota.

The Fullerton Lumber Company is observing their 50th Anniversary with a special sale.

Two men arrested in Oregon for robbery of several fraternity houses in Corvalis, Oregon are believed by local officials to be guilty of the fraternity robberies here recently.  The money taken in the local robberies was sent to a lady in Racine, Wisconsin.  Receipts from postal money orders and Western Union were found on the suspects when arrested in Oregon.  The two men, aged 25 and 26 have been sentenced to 5 years in the penitentiary.

Place your cut flowers in a copper vase.  They will last one to three days longer.  This is due to the fact that some copper dissolves in the water and hinders the growth of bacteria which causes flowers to wilt.

Farm hands are getting a dollar a day with board on the average the country over, for the first time since January 1, 1932, reports the Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Powell's Westreville Store is paying 25 cents a dozen for poultry eggs.  Sugar in a 10 pound cloth bag is 51 cents.  Two boxes of corn flakes for 17 cents and pink salmon, a tall can for eleven cents.

Sheriff Wm. Russell made the rounds Saturday and issued orders to the proprietors of all business places where nickel slot machines had been operating, to remove them.  There have been numerous complaints that children were using the machines and that many others who are living at public expense were squandering their money in the machines.  Practically all the restaurants and pool halls had been openly operating the machines for a long time.  The machines paid in nickels according to what combination of pictures came up on the revolving wheels with the payments running all the way from 2 to 1, up to the "jackpot" which was sometimes as high as seven or eight dollars.  The percentage for the house was heavy, as is the case with all such gambling devices.

Stores will be open on Thanksgiving evening but closed Thanksgiving Day.  Advance notice is given so no one needs to be disappointed in being unable to obtain groceries or other supplies on the holiday.

Work at the hospital was delayed because of the Thanksgiving holiday and the snow storm which followed.  The walls are up to the point of the floor of the third story, which must be laid before the walls can go on up.

The new fire truck will be delivered Saturday providing the Fire Chief, Louis Pierce members of the council, probably two cars full in all, go to Luverne to witness tests on the new truck.  If found satisfactory, a representative of the factory will drive it here from Luverne.

Dr. H. E. Schlueter, of Wakonda, will open up a new office of optometry upstairs over the Gamble Store.  He will close his Wakonda office.

Members of the Dalesburg Band assisted by other young men of that community, are preparing a minstrel show to be given at Garfield Hall on January 4, 1935  All reserved seats for the first performance have been sold.  General admission tickets are still available.

The new fire truck was accepted by the City Council after it was given a thorough test at Luverne on Friday.  It will be delivered tomorrow.

Approximately 90 percent of Univeristy students are residents of the state.  Iowa students led the out of state registrations with 64 and Nebraska was second with 11 registrants.

End 1934

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