This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Hello again folks. I think I have been feeling a thaw in our long winter. Mind you, this is no time to hold my breath and wonder where the 65 degree weather is. It is however, a time to talk about the 9Ball league.
Here are the standings as of Week 15:
1) Maya Janes 2 248-127..66.1 percent.
2)Whimps 195-105..65 percent.
3)Char 1 210-140..60 percent.  
4)Leos 1  192-158..54.9 percent.   
5)Char 2  176-149..54.2 percent.  
6)Varsity  197-178..52.5 percent.
7) Maya Janes1 195-180..52 percent.  
8)Leos 3..183-192..48.8 percent.
9)Eagles 1  158-167..48.6 percent.  
10)Careys 1  182-193..48.5 percent.  
11)Eagles 2  181-194..48.3 percent.  
12)Leos 2  180-195..48 percent.   
13)Leos 4  171-204..45.6 percent.  
14)Varsity 2  146-179..44.9 percent.  
15)Bunyans 1  156-194..44.6 percent.  
16)Maya Janes 3  162-213…43.2 percent.  
17)Bunyans 2 154-246..38.5 percent.   
18)Careys 2 114-186..38 percent.  
As you can see the top dogs stay the same as Maya Janes 2 and Whimps are vying for top honors. Other honors needing our attention are as follows, for going 5-0 the "Gold Star" performers of the week salutes Glenny Mac of the Whimps White Gloves and Wade "True Blue" Mount of the Varsity Lettermen.
One person was left under the "Bottom of the Barrel" for going 0-5 and that was Grant Sjaarda of the Eagles. Kurt Kuiper of Leos 4 and Ben Boskie of Careys 1 were the only two people that made a 9Ball Break. Congrats to the peeps that set themselves apart.  
Let's take a look at the matches and see how our players fared. At Leos it was the Varsity Lettermen lead by Wade "True Blue" Mount and his 5-0 night taking down Leos 1. Rian Merrigan helped the Lettermen with a 4-1 night in a 16-9 upset road win. Four of the Leos 1 shooters were a sub-par 2-3 for the night.  
In another clash at Leos it was Leos 2 with a 15-10 besting of the Eagles 1 High Fliers. Mike Hekrdle lead the way for Leos 2 with four wins and got three important wins from each of the cues of Jami Baedke, Danny Doty and Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson. Team "Viagra" was lead by Larry Edwards with four wins and "Downtown" Dick Brown who was a three game winner.  
Leos 3 took the trek to Burbank and wound up on the short side of a 15-10 contest with the Whimps "White Gloves." Glenny Mac was 5-0 for Whimps and got four wins from Rob Lectbieter. Cam Nettestadt was the lone three game winner for Leos 3. Maya Janes 3 held home court and delivered a 14-11 beating to Bunyans 2. Adam Hasse earned top shooter honors with four wins and was assisted by three wins from Alex and Rob. Johnny Gregg and Dan "Semi" Semmler lead the way for Bunyans 2 with three wins each.  
The Eagles 2 were on the road and dished out a 14-11 win over Careys 2. Quenten Larson lead the Eagles with four wins and got three wins each from the cues of Dennis Navarat and Rod "The Bod" Tieman. For Careys 2 it was Andrew Lesch and Ryan "Little Sambuka" Mockler with three wins each.  
In a Maya Janes 2 vs Maya Janes 1 contest it was MJ2 coming out with a 14-11 home club win. Brian Lambertz pounded out four wins to pace MJ2 and received three wins each from Todd Ratigan and Nate Bork.  MJ1 was lead by Scott Tissue and Gerit Soljie with three wins each.  
At the Varsity it was Varsity2 with a narrow defeat of Leos 4 by the score of 13-12. For "Bangers Boys" it was Ryan Hawaiian with four wins. Nick and Greg Wire pitched in with with three wins each. For Leos 4, Wade "Bluesman" Hanson , GW Prosser and Jere "Chappy" Chapman with three wins each.  

At Bunyans, the Bunyans 1 "Bombers" slid past the Careys 9Ballers by a 13-12 score. Jeremy Kirkpatrick,Jamie Erickson and Tim Tinner each rolled in three wins to best my team. Adam Finke was a four game winner for the 9Ballers. Ben Boskie and Jared Heiden assisted with three wins each for the Careys 1 cause. I will admit to being a complete anchor and keeping my team from victory by going 1-4 for the night. Oh, the shame of it all. That's how the games played out.

Here is the schedule for March 3. As always the home team is listed first. Leos 1 vs Maya Janes  1. Char 2 vs Eagles 2. Varsity 1 vs Careys 1. Whimps vs Leos 2. Maya Janes 2 vs Bunyans 2. Careys 2 vs Char 1. Bunyans 1 vs Leos 4. Leos 3 vs Varsity 2. Maya Janes 3 vs Eagles 2.  

Well, there you have it folks. The end of the season is getting closer and the "playoffs" will be here. Until next week, thanks a billion. "MOJO."

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