This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Hello again folks, Valentines Day has wafted past and the winter rages on. Week 14 is in the books for our 9Ball league and here are the standings.

1)Maya Janes 2 232-118..66.3 percent.
2)Whimps 180-95..65.5 percent. 
3)Char 1  210-140..60 percent. 
4) Leos 1  183-142..56.3 percent. 
5) Char 2  176-149..54.2 percent. 
6) Maya Janes 1 186-164..53.1 percent. 
7) Varsity 1 181-169..51.7 percent. 
8)Leos 3 173-177..49.4 percent.
9)Eagles 1 148-162..49.3 percent.
10)Careys 1  170-180..48.6 percent. 
11)Eagles 2 167-183..47.7 percent.
12)Leos 2  165-185..47.1 percent. 
13)Leos 4  159-191..45.4 percent. 
14)Varsity 2 133-167..44.3 percent.
15)Bunyans 1 143-182..44 percent. 
16)Maya Janes 3 148-202..42.3 percent.
17)Bunyans 2  143-232..38.1 percent.
18)Careys 2 103-172..37.5 percent.

For the Honors needing to be passed out we have a pair of brothers who top the "Gold Star List" for going 5-0. Luke Lacey of Careys1 and brother Zac Lacey of Careys2 head our list of eight players. Ben Boskie also of Careys 1, Husker from Char 1, Rusty Jensen of Leos 1, Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson, Glenny Mac and Rob Leckbieter all of the Whimps White Gloves.

The poor souls that wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" or going 0-5 were Kyle Mollet, Blaine Schoellerman, Adam Hasse, Collene Zea and "Blue Barry" Brown. Our 9Ball Breakers were Donny Stewart of Bunyans 2, Dick Brown of he Eagles 1 and Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold of the Char 1. "Big Dog's" 9Ball did come against his Dad, which must have been a real treat.

Let's get into the matches and see how our teams fared in the head to head battles. In a real "Battle Roy-Al" at Leos, it was Leos 2 taking a 13-12 win from Leos 1. After four frames the match was decided at 13-7. The Leos 1 shooters swept the final frame and made it 13-12. The trio of Mike Hedrkle, Danny Doty and Jeff Gilbertson blazed the path for Leos 2 with three wins each. Rusty Jensen was 5-0 to support the Leos 1 cause. The Char 2 shooters were on the road at Leos 3 for a 13-12 win. A 4-1 night from the cue of Dustin Schemp lead the way for the visitors. Josh Kimlicka and Josh Bievier assisted with three wins each.The 4some of Cam Nettestadt, Brett Mockler, Travis Snyder and Jon Brooks accounted for all 12 Leos 3 wins with 3 win nights for each marksman.

At Bunyans, it was the Bunyans 1 Bombers taking the final three games of the match and winning a 13-12 hard fought battle. Jamie Erickson, Curtis Mincks and Jody Sailer each rolled in the 9Ball to push past Maya Janes 1. The Bombers got three win nights from Erickson, Jeremy Kirkpatrick and Jeff Solomon. Maya Janes 1 was lead by Carson Kennedy and Max Silverhammer who cranked out three wins each for the MJ1 shooters. At the Char Bar it was the Char 1 in a 14-11 win ove the Eagles 1. The Char was lead by Husker with a 5-0 night and assisted by Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold who as earlier stated made a 9Ball break against his Dad and wound up 4-1 for the night. The High Flyers were paced by "Downtown" Dick Brown and Cliff Deverell with three wins each.

At the Varsity it was the Varsity 2 taking down Bunyans 2 by a 14-11 score. Gregg Haggerty was top shooter for "Bangers Boys" and rolled in four wins for the home team.  Nick Eiacker and Ryan Brinkman helped out with three wins each. For the Bunyans 2 shooters it was Johnny Gregg posting four wins and getting three wins from the precision cues of  Dan "Semi" Semmler and Donny Stewart.

Leo's 4 was on the road for a visit at Careys 2 and dealt out a 15-10 defeat of the home team. Harlin Durkin was a four game winner and was assisted by three wins each from Kurt Kuiper, Jere Chapman and Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye. Zac Lacey was a perfect 5-0 for the Careys 2 cellar dwellers.

League leading, Maya Janes 2 rode four win nights from Nate Bork, Troy Nicks and Brian Lambertz for a 15-10 defeat of The Varsity 1 "Lettermen." Luke Muhlbauer lead the way with four wins and was assisted by three wins from Carl Towner for the "Lettermen."

Elsewhere in Maya Janes it was Careys 1 9Ballers delivering a knock out punch to the Maya Janes 3 shooters. Luke Lacey and Ben Boskie were a perfect 5-0 to lead the 9Ballers. AdamFinke and Dana "DB" Hovalt each rolled in three win for the visitors. Alex Hoboyoboy was a three game winner for the MJ3 team.

The Whimps "White Gloves" road 5-0 nights from "Buzz" Johnson, Rob Leckbieter and Glenny Mac for a 19-6 destruction of the Eagles 2, at the Eagles nest. Rod "The Bod" Tieman won two games to lead the Eagles 2 team.

Well that's it for the games and the matches. The Schedule for Feb. 24 (Home team listed first) Leos 1 vs. Eagles 1, Varsity 1 vs. Maya Janes 1, Leos 2 vs. Char 2, Maya Janes 2 vs. Careys 1, Char 1 vs. Whimps, Bunyans 1 vs. Bunyans 2, Careys 2 vs. Leos 3, Maya Janes 3 vs. Leos 4, and Eagles 2 vs. Varsity 2.

Well there you have it folks. We have a few more weeks of pool league and then the playoffs start. Let's all keep thinking that the snow will be gone and it will be spring as the playoffs start. So until next time, Thanks a billion. MOJO.

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