This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Hello again folks. The Super Bowl is over and the Saints have marched in and brought a title to New Orleans. Luck was all around for week number 13 of our 9Ball season. Let's take a look at the standings as of week 13:

1) Maya Janes 2  217-108..66.8 percent.
2) Whimps 161-89..64.4 percent.
3) Char 1 196-129..60.3 percent.
4) Leos 1  171-129..57 percent.
5) Char 2  163-137..54.3 percent.
6) Maya Janes 1  174-151..53.5 percent.
7) Varsity 1  171-154..52.6 percent.
8) Eagles 1  137-138..49.8 percent.
9) TIE  Eagles 2 and Leos3  161-164..49.5 percent.
11) TIE  Careys 1 and Leos 2 152-173..46.8 percent.
13) Leos 4  144-181..44.3 percent.
14) Maya Janes 3  141-184..43.4 percent.
15) Bunyans 1  130-170..43.3 percent. 
16) Varsity 2 119-156..43.3 percent.
17)Bunyans 2  132-218..37.7 percent. 
18)Careys 2  93-157..37.2 percent.

Lots of perfect shooting, some 9ball breaks and a smidgen of ineptitude takes us to our crowning achievements for the week. Getting "Gold Stars" for shooting 5-0 for the night were Glenny Mac of the Whimps White Gloves,Troy Nicks of Maya Janes 2, Kase Allison and Husker of Char 1, Justin Snyder of the Careys 9Ballers, Josh Kauffman of Maya Janes 1 and Donny Stewart of Bunyans 2.

The 0-5 shooters that had bad luck for the week and wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" were Kurt Kuiper of Leos 4 and Jami Baedke of Leos 2.

The 9Ball Breakers for week 13 were Travis Snyder of Leos 3, "Blue" Barry Brown of Char 1 and Jeremy Kirkpatrick of Bunyans 1. Congrats to the note worthy players.

Let's take a look at the matches and see how the teams fared. Leos 2 was on the road at the Char 1 and got roasted by a score of 19-6. Kase Allison and Husker were 5-0 and got some support from "Blue Barry" Brown with a 4-1 night. Leos 2 was lead by a pair of 2 win nights.

The Whimps White Gloves were at Leos for a 17-8 blasting of Leos 4. Glenny Mac was a perfect 5-0 and got his help from Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson at 4-1 to pace the second place White Gloves of near by Burbank. Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye pounded out three wins for the Leos 4 team.

The Char 2 shooters were on the road for a BBQ at the Eagles Club. The three headed Chefs of the Char 2 were Josh Kimlicka, Josh Bievier and Ryan "Dino" Dineen who all posted four win nights to roast the Eagles 2 by a score of 16-9. Tim Dooley locked down three wins for the home standing Eagles 2 team. 

In a match of top flight teams it was First place Maya Janes 2 in a 16-9 win over #4 Leos 1. Troy Nicks lead the way for MJ2 with a 5-0 night. Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown chimed in with four wins to help the league leaders. Travis "Too Tough" Taggart was the shining star for Leos 1 with a three-win night.

The Careys 9Ballers were on the road for a 15-10 beating of "Bangers Boys" at the Varsity. Justin Snyder lead the way for the road team with 5-0 night. Jared "Cheeks" Heiden smoothed the way with four wins to put a successful spin on the night for Careys 1. Jesse Greenway was top shooter for the Varsity 2 with three wins. I would also like to point out that the author of this article was a miserable 1-4 for the night. 

In an inner bar battle it was Maya Janes 1 in a 14-11 win over Maya Janes 3. Josh Kauffman was 5-0 for MJ1 and received three wins each from Carson Kennedy and Scott Tissue. Tyler Job and Adam Hasse pounded in three wins each for MJ3. 

Now for the close matches: The Eagles 1 team was on the road at Leos 3 for a "Battle Roy—al." With the score tied 12-12 it was Travis Snyder with a 9Ball break to seal the victory for Leos 3. Snyder and Cam Nettestadt were four game getters for Leos 3. Larry Edwards and Keith "Homer" Myron rolled in three 9balls for the visiting Eagles 1 shooters. 

It was a come from behind win at Bunyans as Bunyans 1 "Bombers" took home a 13-12 win over the Lettermen of the Varsity 1. With the Varsity ahead 12-11 it was Mark Indecypherable and Jody Sailer each gaining their fourth win of the night and the last two games of the match, to scratch out a victory for the home team. Matt "Doc" Taggart was a four game winner for the Lettermen. 

At Careys it was Bunyans 2 riding a 5-0 night by Donny Stewart and gaining a 13-12 win over Careys 2. Eric Hanson assisted with a three-win night for the Westsiders. Careys was lead by the three-headed monster of Langner, Lesch and Lacey who poured in three wins each. Well, that is how the games panned out for week #13. 

Here is the schedule for Feb. 17. As always it's the first team listed that has the host duties for the week. Leos 1 vs. Varsity 1; Leos 2 vs. Eagles 1; Maya Janes 2 vs Maya Janes 1; Char 1 vs. Char 2; Bunyans 1 vs. Careys 1; Whimps vs. Leos 3; Maya Janes 3 vs. Bunyans 2; Careys 2 vs. Eagles 2;Varsity 2 vs. Leos 4. 

That's what it is for lucky Week 13 for our pool league. Hang in there everyone. It has been a long winter, but you are in South Dakota and that could mean a change of weather any minute. Until next time, thanks a billion. MOJO.

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