This Week in Vermillion City Pool

It's Super Bowl week, which should prove to be a very festive period as we move into February and a little closer to some warm weather. Here are the league standings as of Week 12:

1)Maya Janes 2  201-99..67 percent.
2)Whimps  144-81..64 percent.
3)Char 1 177-123..59 percent. 
4)Leos 1  162-113..58.9 percent.
5)Char 2  147-128..53.5 percent.
6)Maya Janes 1  160-140..53.3 percent.
7)Varsity 1  159-141..53 percent.
8)Eagles 2  152-148..50.7 percent.
9)Eagles 1  125-125..50 percent.
10)Leos 3  148-152..49.3 percent.
11)Leos 2  146-154..48.7 percent. 
12)Careys 1  137-163..45.7 percent.
13)Leos 4  136-164..45.3 percent.
14)Varsity 2  109-141..43.6 percent.
15)Maya Janes 3  130-170..43.3 percent.
16)Bunyans 1  117-158..42.5 percent.
17)Bunyans 2  119-206..36.6 percent.
18)Careys 2  81-144..36 percent.

Some accolades need to be passed out for perfection and imperfection. The "Gold Star" performances for going 5-0 were passed out to Rick Haught of Leos 4, Todd Radigan of Maya Janes 2 and Wade "True Blue" Mount of The Varsity Lettermen. The unfortunate players that went 0-5 and wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" were Jeremy Kirkpatrick, Dan "Semi" Semmler and Rob Howdidilooseallthosegames.

The 9Ball Breakers were Jody Sailer of Bunyans 1, Brian Lambertz of MJ2, Ryan Baedke of Leos 2, Dennis Navarat of Eagles 2, Harry O'Conner and Joe Werdel both of the Whimps White Gloves. Congratulations to all the deserving souls that set themselves apart from the crowd.

Let's take a look at the matches and see how the teams fared for the last meetings of January. Maya Janes 2 was at home and delivered a crushing 20-5 defeat to the bombers of Bunyans 1. Todd Radigan lead the way with a 5-0 display and got four wins each from Troy Nicks, Nate Bork and Brian Lambertz. Jody Sailer grabbed a couple of wins for Bunyans 1.

The Lettermen of the Varsity 1 rolled into Maya Janes and rolled out with a 19-6 drubbing of Maya Janes 3. Wade "True Blue" Mount was top shooter for the Varsity with 5 wins. Mike Stewart and Carl Towner helped the Lettermen's cause with four wins each. Tyler Job and Steve New were two game winners for MJ3.

The Whimps White Gloves showed their championship style by downing the Bunyans 2 boys by a 17-8 score. Glenny Mac and "Skinny" Smith cajoled four wins each as Whimps remained tough on the road. Harry O'Conner, "Buzz" Johnson and Joe Werdel were a three headed monster and won three games each to further the Whimps cause. Donnie Stewart was the lone three game winner for Bunyans 2.

The trio of  Mike Hekrdle, Dave Kezar and Ryan Baedke banged out four wins each and pushed Leos 2 past Leos 3 by a 16-9 score. Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson assisted the win with three 9Balls rolled in. Kyle Mollet was the solo three game winner for Leos 3.

At Careys it was Luke Lacey winning four games to vault Careys 1 over Careys 2 by a 14-11 score. Robbie Hecht and Jared "Cheeks" Heiden did their share by getting three wins each for the 9Ballers of Careys 1. Colleen Zea and Zac Lacey fueled a balanced attack for Careys 2 by winning three games each. And I would take this time to mention the absence of Justin Snyder as he, and his brother Travis (Leos 3) were honoring the life and death of their Grandfather Dave "Captain 11" Dedrick. "Captain 11" was a large part of my childhood and I am sure he will be missed by a good number of people.

Leos 1 was on the road for a show down with the Char 1 shooters. Mark "Stick" Clark's four wins pushed Leos 1 to a 14-11 win. With the score tied 11-11 after 22 games, Clark, Travis "Too Tough" Taggart and Rusty Jensen slammed the door and closed out the night with three straight wins. Stevie Thiesen and Taggart assisted with three wins each. Kase Allison was the lone three game winner for the Char 1. All other Char 1 shooters were two game winners.

At the Eagles it was the Eagles 2 gaining a 13-12 win over the Eagles 1. Quinten Larson was a four game winner to pace the Eagles 2 shooters. Shannon Feland and Rod "The Bod" Tieman also helped the bottom line with three wins each for the Eagles 2. Jerry Sommervold lead the way for Eagles 1 with four wins. Clark Lewison was a three game winner in a losing cause.

It was the 22nd game of the match win Rick Haught rolled in his fifth 9Ball of the night to close out the Char 2 shooters in a 13-12 victory at Leos. Haught was assisted by four wins from the cue of Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye. Josh Kimlicka and JJ Biever were three game winners for the Char 2 shooters.

At the Varsity it was Matt Vawser and Nick Eichacker each getting their fourth win of the night, in the final frame, to close out Maya Janes 1 by the score of 13-12. MJ1 took a 11-10 lead as Scott Turnbaugh won the first game of the final set. Then three straight wins by the Varsity 2 players pushed the home team over the top. Josh Kaufman and Gerit Soljie were three game winners for MJ1.

Well, that's the way it happened for the league shooters. Just a quick note of congratulations to Cam Nettestadt and Husker for winning the "Scotch Doubles" tourney at Leos on Saturday. The 9Ball tourney that was also held at Leos on Saturday was won by Travis "Too Tough" Taggart.  Once again there was no autograph session after the Taggart win.

Here is the schedule for Wednesday, Feb. 10. The home team is listed first. Leos 2 vs Leos 1.  Maya Janes 2 vs Varsity 1. Char 1 vs Eagles 1. Bunyans 1 vs Maya Janes 1.  Leos 3 vs Char 2. Maya Janes 3 vs Careys 1. Eagles 2 vs Whimps. Varsity 2 vs Bunyans 2. Leos 4 vs Careys 2.

Well, there you have it folks. By the time I write again the Super Bowl we be over and the weather should be a little bit nicer. Until next week, thanks. MOJO

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