Vermillion police: Yield <br />right-of-way to pedestrians

The Vermillion Police Department is reminding drivers that, by law, an operator of a vehicle is required to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing a highway within any clearly marked crosswalk.  According to Art Mabry, Vermillion police chief, there is an increase of reports from pedestrians regarding drivers who are not yielding to pedestrians while they are in crosswalks.

Mabry said, "Although this is a dangerous situation at any crosswalk, the crosswalk on Cherry Street at the intersection of Norbeck Street is especially dangerous and is the focus of many complaints." 

Mabry said there are a couple factors that contribute to the dangers of this particular crosswalk. The recent reconstruction of Cherry Street resulted in a wider street which takes longer to cross. Additionally, the crosswalk is heavily used by pedestrians with physical disabilities that tend to increase the amount of time they need to cross the street. 

The Vermillion Police Department has increased their patrols of city crosswalks and will strictly enforce any observed violations. The department will also follow up on complaints from pedestrians who witness violations.

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