Who can trust Hyperion?

To the editor:
Who can trust Hyperion?
When Hyperion came to town and announced who they were and how transparent they would be who would have thought how easy it would be to see through that transparency and see how dishonest they really are? How can anyone believe what they say after all that has come out about just the CEO Albert Huddleston? 
As the old saying goes, the love of money is the root of all evil, and this is a perfect example of that.  It doesn't sound like his business ventures have been successful, and then there's all the lawsuits for misuse of money from his wife's (or is that his ex-wife's) family trust funds. He's also being sued by his mother in a big fight over family money. 
So, for everybody who thinks this refinery is good deal open your eyes and see who and what we are really dealing with.  Huddleston and Hyperion tell us they want to treat Union County like family, but who wants that?  We've seen what happens in the Huddleston clan.
Who knows, maybe the county will end up in court with Hyperion, just like everyone else who deals with those greedy people.

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