Bailey seems to come to life around midnight

Bailey is a spooky cat. Each evening, with feline patience, she waits for us to go to bed.

Then she hops up on Phyllis's bed and stays a few minutes just to make sure that Phyllis is comfy. With a loud clump, she leaves that post and goes about her rounds – whatever those are. She first goes into the bathroom, opens up a linen closet door and after rummaging around, she pulls out all the sheets and towels stored there. Why she does that, no one knows!

Then she goes about her diabolical deeds which includes opening up another door in the office desk to take out stationery and envelopes as though she's going to write a letter. Whatever else she does is lost in the darkness which only she knows about.

Every now and then she let's out a yip to let us know where she is. We think she's looking for Baxter her buddy who has gone to the Great Cat House in the sky!

All of that activity makes her hungry so she goes to her cat dish in the kitchen. But she doesn't gobble up the food like an ordinary cat.  Instead she takes her front paw and pulls out a single pellet one at a time and eats them off the floor. She obviously is thirsty, too, because she dips one paw into her water dish and takes a drink from her foot.

A cat, like Bailey, must scratch something to remove the dead outer layer of their claws.  Consequently, she has taken to the sofa for that reason so Phyllis went to K Mart and bought a scratching post for $12.50 which saves having to get a more costly piece of furniture!  The post is treated with catnip which drives the cat nuts and causes her to use it.

She does more in her wanderings until she tires herself out and instead of going back to bed, she sleeps 'til dawn in my wheelchair.  I've read that adult cats can sleep as much as 18 hours a day.  Her daylight deviltry can go on much of the day, however, when she isn't sleeping.

So there you have the story of Bailey's midnight marauding which Phyllis and I have to guess about since it's been done by a spooky cat.  Because we don't understand cat conversation, what all she does is a mystery.

© 2010 Robert F. Karolevitz

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