Bob and friends competed in unique ‘winter olympics’

Now that I'm out of the hospital, we can return to the weekly column since last week was a re-run.

We have snow piled up in the yard higher than an elephant's belly. At least two United States senators from the South still do not believe in global warming and question Al Gore's motives for it. One legislator even took his family to the White House lawn and built an igloo and called it  Al Gore's new home!  

The hockey games in the Vancouver Olympics reminded me of the games we played on the frozen Marne Creek.  We chose up sides and armed each player with a club — the better to beat our opponents with.  The puck was an empty Carnation milk container which became jagged and sharp as the game wore on.  The object was to hit the can in the direction of the goal — it didn't matter if we used a so-called hockey stick to take a swipe at an opponent's overall clad leg.  In fact we were duty-bound to hurt anybody on the other side.

We didn't skate like the Vancouver guys did. As a matter of fact only the rich kids had skates or double-runner models.

The final score was tallied by the amount of blood which was shed, or teeth that were broken off.

We played other games, too. We had snowball fights which ended up when somebody put a rock in a gob of snow. We sent several kids home crying "foul."

We had forts although we didn't much use them. We ganged up on the littlest ones early to get them out of the game.

We went on cross country hikes, and our snowshoes were a collection of anything which would keep us from sinking into the drifts.

I can remember one kid who had shoes made out of barrel staves. They didn't help much to keep him from getting bogged down in the snow. They worked best when it got slushy.

All I know is that the televising of the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia, Canada was totally unlike the stuff we called our own Winter Olympics.

We didn't have music or pretty girls doing triple axels on the ice wearing pretty costumes instead of overalls like we wore!

© 2010 Robert F. Karolevitz

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