Kris Robert Noble

Kris Robert Noble died Feb. 21, 2010. Kris was born Oct. 25, 1951 to Jack and Phyllis Noble of Vermillion.

Son, brother, cousin, uncle, and friend who enjoyed hunting, fishing, rodeo, skiing, bicycling, playing softball and hanging out. Famous for his smirk, his Sylvester impersonations, and his excellent taste in champagne and friends, rivaled only by his parents' excellent taste in each other.

Kris was an Eagle Scout (Troop 66, Vermillion) and was awarded the Order of the Arrow Ordeal in 1968. He graduated from Vermillion High School in 1970, from Carleton College, Northfield, MN, in 1975 with a degree in English.

After working at Lutheran Hospital for his conscientious objector service, he worked for the Forest Service. He then went on to be a camera and electronics specialist and insurance evaluator. Over the past nine years he came to excel as a luthier as reflected by the violin he built by hand and by the many satisfied customers at Noble Bros. Violin Shop.

Kris leaves behind loving parents, Jack and Phyllis Noble of Vermillion; and siblings, Dave (wife, Christine), Jane Paxson (husband, Bryan and daughters, Carol Mollet and Sarah Mollet-Williams), Ruth Mayer (husband, Steve), and Paul (wife, Melissa and children, Eric and Laura).

In addition to numerous friends and other family members, Kris had an especially close relationship with his cousins, Lynn, Mark and Reid Van Nattan.

He will be fondly remembered by his family and many admiring friends.

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