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IRS: Happy Seventy-and-Half- Birthday!   The IRS keeps track of birthdays.  It takes particular note when you turn 70, because six months later you may have to do something you would rather not do:  Begin withdrawing monies from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or individual retirement account, locations where your savings … Read Article

For The Record

Feb. 19-25, 2010  George W. Campbell, 2114 Myrtle St., Sioux City, IA: No drivers license, $51 plus costs.  Lindsay Megan Parker, 226 High St., Vermillion: Renewal registration during assigned month, $51 plus costs.  Anne Marie Grady, 1014 Elm St. #1031, Vermillion: Failure to make proper stop at stop intersection, $51 … Read Article