Parlet visits Juno Chapter

S.D. Eastern Star's, Associate Grand Matron Teri Parlet, Rapid City, made her official visit to Juno chapter #44, O.
E.S., Vermillion, March 4.
Worthy Matron Grace Bick and Worthy Patron Alton Siecke presided over the day's activities.

Associate Grand Matron conducted a school of instruction in the afternoon. Prior to the initiatory ceremony, the Star Points, with Worth Matron Grace Bick as soloist, conducted the candlelight service. The Degrees were given to a new member.

Remarks were given by Associate Grand Matron Teri Parlet; S.D. Worthy Grand Patron Larry Hornstra, Armour; Past Grand Matron Jan Gruening, Presho; Jan Hadrick, Faulkton and Connie White, Parker.

Protem officers assisting were Deb McNary, Grand Ester Janelle Kribell, Beverly Orr, Jan Grade, John Ryger and Susan Willadsen.

A monetary gift was presented to Associate Grand Matron Teri Parlet. The coin marel will go to Eastern Star A.C.T.X., dental care for children.

Past Matrons served the noon luncheon in the Temple. No-host supper was served at a local café. Guest Stars were welcomed from Centerville, Mitchell, Parker, Sioux Falls and Yankton. Evening refreshments concluded the official visit.

Eastern Star members are welcomed to meet the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

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