Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

The County has a new "Cat Plow" that will clear the road 23 1/2 feet wide with wings extended and has a 7 foot raise.  It is a R. D. 7 Diesel Caterpillar.  The huge machine was unloaded yesterday and the highway department plans to be using it in the morning.  The power unit is rated as a 63 but being diesel has a lot more power than the old 60 horse power caterpillar the county owns.  The operating cost will be only about one-fourth of that of the gasoline machine and will travel more than twice as fast, having a cruising speed of four miles per hour.

The driver's license law will probably be considered by the state law makers at this session.  A driver's license law is urged by the National Safety Council as it might be a means of bringing a slight reduction in auto accidents.

New Shirley Temple wash frocks are on sale for $1.00 and $1.95 at Silverberg Brothers Store.

Evergreen Farms, Inc. has a weekend special of Fruit Salad Ice Cream for only 40 cents per quart.

The political candidates have had large campaign expenditures this year.  The largest campaign expenditure reported was that of Rep. T. B. Werner of Rapid City, the Democrat defeated in the 2nd congressional district.  He spent $1,844.43.  Goldie Wells, Democrat elected, Secretary of State listed expenses of $268.20.  Donald McMurchie of Centerville, the successful candidate for Lieutenant Governor listed expenses at $212.20.  Other candidates for the State Legislature listed expenses from $45.00 to $84.00.

Did you know that Lodi as well as Bloomingdale had aspirations of being the principal city of Clay County many years ago?  The Northwestern Railroad was built farther to the north and west and the future of the municipal greatness was lost and the buildings were moved to the newly located town of Wakonda.

Showing at the March Theatre tonight will be "Pennies from Heaven", starring Big Crosby.

A man spending time in prison wrote to J. C. F. Elmore to see of his wife's funeral expense had ever been paid.  He told Mr. Elmore if not, to send him a bill at the prison address.  Sometime later Mr. Elmore received payment in full from the man.  He explained that he was now able to make the payment after many years because he had received his World War I bonus.

Did you know that Burbank was named for a territorial governor, Governor Burbank?  Meckling was named after an official of the Dakota Southern Railroad, who was an investor in land in that town.  Wakonda meaning Wonderland, an Indian name.  Lodi for Lodi, Wisconsin, where some of the earliest settlers came from and Clay County after Henry Clay.


2 lb's of Crackers…15 cents

1/2 lb package Japan Tea…23 cents

24 oz jar Peanut Butter…25 cents

4 oz can French's black pepper…10 cents

Baker's Milk Chocolate-1 lb bar…17 cents

3 lbs golden brown sugar…10 cents

1  1 lb can fancy pink salmon…25 cents

1 lb can Crisco…23 cents

2 dozen Sunkist oranges…29cents

Large bunch carrots…05 cents

Snow white cauliflower…07 cents

The second newspaper printed in Dakota Territory was the Dakota Republican, first published in 1861

At the March Theatre you can see Sonja Henie in "Once In a Million", a 20th Century Fox Musical triumph".

937 is the 100th Anniversary of Deere's Steel Plow.

Clay County WPA sewing classes have sent 4 large boxes of all types of clothing to the surplus headquarters at Sioux Falls.  The boxes contained overalls, dresses, boys' jackets, infant clothing and other types that would be needed in emergency situations.

A total of 6,100 seedling trees have been purchased from the Department of Agriculture by residents of Clay County in 1936.  The state tree program was started in 1934.

Mercury hit 17 below zero on Sunday morning.  The high for the day was 2 above.  People of Vermillion are hoping the extreme weather of the past month (January) would soon be nothing more than a memory.

Gov. Jensen's has set a budget of $6,252,461.00.  He states this will provide for "Minimum Needs" for a two-year period.

The State Senate voted to approve a $9,000 appropriation to make the new executive mansion habitable. The Democratic minority blocked passage of $13,500.00 appropriation to purchase furniture and decorate.  The House approval is now necessary before Leslie Jensen, the state's Republican Executive, can live in the mansion.  The building was constructed under the administration of Tom Berry, a Democrat.  It was constructed as a WPA project without cost to South Dakota.

Traffic in this part of the country remained at a standstill yesterday as a result of a 24 hour northwest wind which completely filled in the roads so recently opened by the four county snowplows. The snow was being blown with such force in the country that visibility was only slightly over 10 feet.  Radio and press reports state that Aberdeen has had a total of 6 feet of snow since Nov. 1.  That is 3 times the amount that has fallen here since that time.

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