Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

On Wednesday July 22, 1936, the temperature reached 108 degrees.  Thursday was cooler with the mercury keeping below the 100 mark.

Registration figures show that over 3,700 visited the W. H. Over Museum in the past year.  The severe winter and exceedingly hot weather has decreased the number of visitors to some extent.  Nearly 90 percent of the visitors are residents of South Dakota.  Residents of many other states are also visitors each year.

Clay County will receive $6,636 as share of beer receipts for three years.  The county share, distributed on a population basis, is to be spent for poor relief, with "so much thereof as is necessary", devoted to hospitalization of indigent persons.  Tax on all beer is $1.25 per 31 gallon barrels.

 Nearly twice as many Master of Arts degrees were granted at the 1936 university summer session as were conferred during the 1935 session.

The Clay County Fair Association decided to go ahead and make plans for the fair this year in spite of the drought conditions.  The fair will be held a month later than has been the custom for many years.  In addition to horse races, ball games and the usual entertainment, a public wedding will be an added attraction. The ceremony will be performed before the grandstand as an evening attraction.

Less tourists have driven through South Dakota this year.  This amounts to a 60% loss of tourist business in our state.

With the dry and hot conditions this year and encouragement from his wife, a man at Alcester has improvised an irrigation system by using water from the creek that flows into the Big Sioux.  The creek has many fresh springs so he dammed it up and with help of a half inch centrifugal pump operated by the motor on his tractor, he lifted the water eight feet to the corn field.  He states that the irrigation costs him about $2.00 per day.  He is kept so busy that his wife takes h is meals to him.

J.C.F. Elmore will have a new funeral home when the large Stinson house on Main Street will be remodeled for that purpose.

Council Oak Stores are your friend at meal time.  Beef Roasts  12 1/2 cents per pound.  Pork Loin roasts  17 cents per pound for fancy middle cuts.  Summer Sausage 23 cents per pound and fancy center cut pork chops 25 cents per pound.  Big quart jars of Miracle Whip Salad dressing 35 cents and Kippered Herring from Norway 1/2 pound can 8 cents.

By the appearance of all the new bicycles on the streets of Meckling in the evenings, it looks as if the recreation hours are devoted to bicycling.  Not only do the youngsters enjoy this sport, but as the evening shadows grow dimmer, some of the older ones like to renew youth once again.

Here is a genuine bargain when you get the Vermillion Plain Talk twice every week for 15 months for only $2.00.  The special rate is good until August 17.

New cars at prices that will sell quick include a 1936 Hudson Eight, 4 door  sedan with electric shift, 5 wheels, radio and heater and has been used some as a demonstrator.  Also a 1936 Terraplane sedan and a 1935 Tudor Terraplane, has electric shift and heater and low mileage, just like new.  Check these cars out at Ericson's Service.

July is the driest and hottest month on record here.

An even dozen cars and more thatn 50 people took part in a successful booster trip Vermillion has staged for a long time.  The delegation visited Meckling, Gayville, Volin, Wakonda, Irene, Viborg and Centerville and returned by way of Greenfield, stopping in at an ice cream social at the Andy Lawrenson home.  The purpose of the booster trip was to advertise the community picnic to be held on Labor Day.  The ice cream social reported the best crowd ever and all were entertained by the Dalesburg Band.

Jacobsen's Bakery is announcing the new V14 Mineralized Bread as the best white bread ever tasted.  They say it takes you down the road to vitality.

Captain Howard C. Curtis has purchased the Green Gable Station and Tourist cottages.  The business was started and operate several years by O. P. Huetson.  The purchase includes 10 acres of land, about a dozen tourist cabins, a filling station, house and barn.

Why not pay your subscription to the Plain Talk this week, if it is due?  It's surprising to what good use we could put the money.

"Poor Little Rich Girl" starring Shirley Temple is showing at the March Theatre.  On Thursday "Satan Met a Lady" starring Bette Davis will be on the screen.  The movie is billed as "The Screen's Most Dangerous Woman Meets the Screen's Most Amorous Sleuth".

A contract has been signed by the State of South Dakota and the Vermillion Natural Gas Company which provides for the installation of gas burners under the boilers of the heating and electric plant at the University and providing natural gas for fuel.

The retail merchants will close at 11:30 am on Labor Day and remain closed the rest of the day.  This will enable the merchants and those they employ to attend the celebration and picnic to be held at Prentis Park.

The chicken theif who took 250 chickens from the Hans Lyso farm is being held in the Sioux City jail.  He is also wanted in Minnesota for similar robberies.  It is thought he was a member of a regular chicken theft ring which headquarter in Sioux City.

Five arrests for intoxication were made here on Saturday evening.  Three of the men were released the following day on $25.00 bonds and will appear before Justice W. R. Cleland.  The other two, both minors, were released to the custody of their parents.

South Dakota had had three more auto accidents the first seven months this year that during a similar period in 1935.  There are 62 from January through July this year compared with 59 last year.

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