This Week in Vermillion <br />City Pool League

Well folks, we are drawing to the end of the regular season and after 16 weeks here is how the regular season standings look.  

1)Maya Janes 2  264-136..66 percent.
2)Whimps  210-115..64.6 percent.
3)Char 1  220-155..58.66 percent.
4)Leos 1 204-171..54.4 percent.  
5)Char 2 189-161..54 percent.
6)Maya Janes 1 211-189..52.75 percent.  
7)Varsity 1 206-194..51.5 percent.  
8)Tie Leos 3 and Eagles 2  197-203..49.25 percent.  
10)Eagles 1  171-179..48.85 percent.
11)Leos 2 192-208..48 percent.  
12)Careys1  191-209..47.75 percent.
13)Leos 4  185-215..46.25 percent.  
14)Varsity 2 155-195..44.3 percent.
15)Bunyans 1  165-210..44 percent.  
16)Maya Janes 3  173-227..43.25 percent.
17)Bunyans 2 170-255..40 percent.  
18)Careys 2 125-200..38.46 percent.
There were six 9Ball breaks to lead the accolades portion of the week. Jeremy Kirkpatrick of Bunyans 1, Rob Lectbieter of Whimps White Gloves,  Kase Allison and Troy Schaffer of Char 1 and Travis "Too Tough" Taggart and Aaron Baedke of Leos 1.

The "Gold Star" Shooters that went 5-0 were Blaine Schoellerman of Bunyans 2, Scott Turnbaugh of Maya Janes 1 and Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown of Maya Janes 2. "Rock n' Roll" did his bidding against my Careys 9Ballers. AAAAARgggggggghhhhhh. The foursome of Dustin Schemp, Jamie Erickson, Husker and Jared Heiden were the names that wound up on "The Bottom of the Barrel" for going 0-5.  

Let's take a look at the games and matches and see how our shooters fared. At league leading Maya Janes 2 the Careys 9Ballers walked in with high hopes. After 16 games the match was tied at 8-8. That's when the wheels fell off of the 9Ballers cart. The league leaders won the next eight games in a row. Oh, the agony of it all. Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown lead the way for MJ2 with a 5-0 night and was assisted by Nate Bork who won all of his games except the one where he and I played. I lucked out and won three games as did my teammate (not luck..skill) Adam Finke. When the dust settled it was MJ2 with a 16-9 defeat of the Careys 9Ballers.  

In a battle at Bunyans it was Bunyans 2 dropping a bomber on Bunyans 1 with a 16-9 whipping.  Blaine Schoellerman was top dog with a 5-0 night. Johnny Gregg chipped in with a 4-1 performance, to help the Bunyans 2 cause. Jeff Solomon and Jody Sailer were three game winners for Bunyans 1.  

The Eagles 2 rode four win nights from Tim Dooley and Ernie Flaugh to take down the "Bangers Boys" of the Varsity 2 by a 16-9 score. Shannon Feland and Dennis Navarat also helped out the home standing Eagles 2 with three wins each. "Banger's Boys" had four players with two wins each.  

Maya Janes 1 hit the road and collected a 16-9 win over the Varsity Lettermen. Scott Turnbaugh rolled up a 5-0 night to lead his MJ1 teammates. T. Wilson King strummed his way to a four win night. Gerit Soljie and Carson Kennedy bolstered the road effort with three wins each. Four of the Varsity shooters were two game winners to pace the Lettermen.  

The Whimps "White Gloves" hit the road and bested the Char 1 shooters by a 15-10 score. Whimps was guided by four win nights from "Skinny" Smith and "Buzz" Johnson. Rob Lectbeiter added three wins for the "White Gloves". Char 1 head Chef, Kase Allison grilled up four wins and was helped by Troy Schaffer with three games. In a "rare" occasion it was Husker with an unfamiliar 0-5 night against his former teammates. This match featured three 9Ball breaks.  

Leos 3 was across the street and around the corner for a 14-11 road victory over Careys 2. Cam Nettestadt and Kyle Mollet turned in four win nights for the visitors. Collene Zea showed her stuff with a four win night for Careys 2. Zac Lacey assisted with three wins for the cellar dwelling Careys 2 team.  

Kurt Kuiper and Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye had four wins each to lead the Leos 4 shooters to a 14-11 road win at Maya Janes 3. Tyler Job showed his prowess by collecting four wins for the MJ3 shooters. Adam Hasse rolled in three 9Balls to help the home team.  

In a hard fought battle at Leos it was Char 2 coming away with a 13-12 road win over Leos 2. Ryan "Dino" Dineen and Josh Kimlicka flexed their muscles and won four games each. Josh Bievier was a three game winner for the grillers. Jay Christopherson and Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson were top Leos 2 shooters with three wins each.  

In the other match at Leos it was the high flying Eagles 1 with four wins in the final frame to top the Leos 1 effort by a 13-12 score. Larry Edwards lead the Eagles with four wins and got some much needed help from the cue of "Downtown" Dick Brown's three wins. Travis "Too Tough" Taggart paced the Leos 1 shooters with four wins. Aaron Baedke and Dave Skezar were three game winners for Leos 1.  
Well there you have it folks. When I know the schedule for the "playoffs" I will pass it along to all of you.  So, until next time, thanks a billion. Mojo.

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