This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Hello again everyone. The regular season has come to an end and the post season is upon us. Here are the final standings for the 2009-2010 regular season.
1)Maya Janes 2 282-143..66.4 percent.
2)Whimps  222-128..63.4 percent.
3)Char 1 255-170..60 percent.
4)Leos 1 217-183..54.3 percent.
5)Maya Janes 1  227-198..53.4 percent.
6)Char 2  211-189..52.8 percent.
7)Varsity 1  217-208..51.1 percent.
8)Leos 3  212-213..49.9 percent.
9)Eagles 2  211-214..49.6 percent.
10)Eagles 1  181-194..48.3 percent.
11)Careys1  205-220..48.2 percent.
12)Leos 3 2 201-224..47.3 percent.   
13) Leos 4  197-228..46.4 percent.
14)Bunyans 1  178-222..44.5 percent.  
15)Varsity 2  165-210..44 percent.
16)Maya Janes 3  184-241  43.3 percent.  
17)Bunyans 2 177-273..39.3 percent.  
18)Careys 2  133-217..38 percent.  

Congrats to Maya Janes 2 team for winning the regular season. The "playoffs" start on March 10 and because of timing we will have to be a week behind on the results. All that are interested can check with the players on Thursday to see how your "Pool Heroes" have fared.
Here are the match ups for the first round of the "playoffs." Maya Janes 2 is host to Maya Janes 3. Whimps is hosting Varsity 2. Char 1 is home against Bunyans 1. Leos 1 is at Leos against Leos 4. Maya Janes 1 is at Maya Janes vs Leos 2. Char 2 is at home to host Careys 1. Varsity 1 stays home in their smoke free environment against the Eagles 1. Leos 3 is host to the Eagles 2.
I would take a moment to wish every shooter the best of luck. We have seen some upsets in the past come from this opening round. Let's take a look at the final week results of league play and see how the experts have conducted their pool cues. It was league champion Maya Janes 2 finishing off the year with a 18-7 crushing of Bunyans 2. The trio of Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown, Nate Bork and Brian Lambertz posted 4-1 nights to lead the charge. Troy Nicks and Todd Radigan assisted with three wins each to cap a dynamite regular season and prove that the post season will have to run through Maya Janes 2. Bunyans 2 had three two game winners and wound up just out of the 16 team playoff picture.  
At Careys it was the Char 1 shooters putting on a 17-8 display of excellence. Careys 2 won four of the first five games but ran into back to back 9Ball breaks from Kase Allison and Husker, to reverse the flow of the match. Bill Willroth and Husker were four game winners for the night and got three wins each from the rest of the Char 1 marksmen.  Zac Lacey lead the way for Careys 2 with three wins. Careys 2 did finish just out of the playoff hunt but gets a "Tip of the Hat" for becoming our newest member of the Vermillion City Pool League and rounding out the team numbers so no team had to sit out. Thanks again.  
Maya Janes 1 was at Leos Sports Bar and Grill for a match with Leos 2. Maya Janes 1 showed championship style with a 16-9 besting of the Leos 2 locals. Carson Kennedy top the charts with a 5-0 performance. The trio of Josh Kauffman, Greit Soljie and Scott Turnbaugh roll in three 9Balls each to put their stamp on a fine season. Danny Doty notched three wins to lead Leos 2.  
Leos 3, lead by the over the top shooting of Cam Nettestadt tuned up "Bangers Boys" of the Varsity 2 by a 15-10 score. Nettestadt's 5-0 night was readily assisted by the steady hand and cue of Ryan "Little Sambuka" Mockler who had four wins for the Leos 3 shooters. The mountainesque  Jason "Banger" Bengford was top shooter for the Varsity 2 with three wins. Almost everyone else on both teams were two game winners.  
At the Char Bar, Ryan "Dino" Dineen shot 5-0 and lead the Char 2 to a 15-10 defeat of "Team Viagra" of the Eagles 1 fame. Josh Kimlicka and "Hot Rod" Jensen pitched in with three wins each for the Char 2 players. John Gatzemerey posted three wins to lead the Eagles 1 team.  
In a battle of mid level majors at the "smoke free" Varsity Pub, it was the Careys 9Ballers coming away with a 14-11 defeat of the Varsity Lettermen. Wade "True Blue" Mount opened the night with a 9Ball break against yours truly. Two frames later it was Rian Merrigan's turn to drop a 9Ball on the break pushing the score to 9-6 after 15 games. With the score 11-7 in the fourth frame the tide turned as the Careys #1 team won the final seven games for a 14-11 final score and road win. Adam Finke was top shooter for the night with a perfect 5-0 performance. Justin "Styn" Snyder assisted with three wins for the 9Ballers. Mike "Stew" Stewart was a three game winner to lead the Lettermen. I would like to take a moment to offer the leagues and my best wishes to Greg Sammelson.  
The Eagles 2 road the steady cue of Jason Fladeboe and his 4 wins to a 14-11 road defeat of Maya Janes 3. The dynamic duo of Shannon Feland and Rod "The Bod" Tieman assisted with three wins each. Tyler Job and Rob Whacamacallem  were three game winners for the MJ3 team.  
The Bunyans 1 "Bombers" defended home turf with a 13-12 win over Leos 4. Jamie Erickson shined as he won five games (his final win was a close out win) and had a 9Ball break to lead the "Bombers." Jody Sailer and Jeff Solomon chipped in with three wins each to assist. Curt Kuiper and Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye paced Leos 4 with four wins each. In the final match of the night, it was Leos 1 on the road for a battle with the Whimps "White Gloves.".The match was close all the way and at the end of four frames all square at 10 wins each.
Aaron Baedke lead off the final frame with a win over Joe Werdel, to put Leos up by 1. Mike Allard then evened the match with a win over Stevie Thiesen. Mark "Stick" Clark got his fourth win and  gave Leos 1 the edge with a victory over "Skinny" Smith.  "Buzz" Johnson tied the match in a close win over Travis Taggart. All tied at 12-12 going into the final game between two of the leagues top shooters. It was the trusty cue of Rusty Jensen taking the win from Glenny Mac to secure the match at 13-12 for Leos 1.   
Be advised, these top teams are going to be a hand full as the playoffs commence.  It has been a grand and groovy season and a good way to pass the long long winter. So, that's it for the regular season. I will be back next week with news of the first round matches and tell you as much as I can about the players. Until next time, thanks a billion. MOJO.

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