This Week in Vermillion Pool League

Hello again folks. I have seen the sun and watched the snow leave us. Well, with all things good also come some things not so good. The flooding is not so good. I knew there would be some extra water but "WOW" now there is way more than we expected and more to follow. Much like when you read my article…be advised.. "wear your high-top boots."

Lets take a peek at the standings of our pool league with the second round of games in the book.  
1)Maya Janes 2 318-157..66.95 percent.
2)Whimps  244-131..65.1 percent.
3)Char 1  289-186..60.85 percent.
4)Leos 1  247-203..54.89 percent.
5)Maya Janes 1 249-229..52.4 percent.
6)Char 2  219-206..51.5 percent.
7)Varsity 1  226-224..50.2 percent.
8)Leo's 3  224-226..49.8 percent.
9)Eagles 1 197-203..49.3 percent.
10)Careys 1  231-244..48.6 percent.
11)Eagles 2  230-245..48.4 percent.
12)Leos 2  213-237..47.3 percent.
13)Leos 4  208-242..46.2 percent.
14)Bunyans 1  185-240..43.5 percent.
15)Maya Janes 3  192-258..42.7 percent.
16)Varsity 2  168-232..42 percent.
17)Bunyans 2  177-273..39.3 percent.
18)Careys 2  133-217..38 percent.
There are some accolades to pass out for the second week of the playoffs. Winning a "Gold Star" for going 5-0 was Nate Bork of regular season league champ Maya Janes 2.  Dropping the 9Ball on the break were Troy Nicks also of Maya Janes 2 and Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold of those pesky Char Bar 1 shooters that saw fit to treat my Careys 9Ballers so shabbily. The players that went 0-5 and wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" were Ben Boskie of the Careys 9Ballers  and from Eagles 2 the duo of Dennis Navarat and Shannon Feeland.  

Let's see how the matches went as we celebrated St. Patty's Day with power outages, nasty taunting and the loss of lights. Slaughter was the word that comes to mind as Maya Janes 2 wiped out the Eagles 2 in a 19-6 beating. Nate Bork was 5-0 and received a pair of four-win nights from Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown and Troy Nicks. The Eagles were lead by Tim Dooley who finished the night with three wins. The Eagles 2 shooters made particular mention that Rod "The Bod" Tieman did leave the match before the final game was played. A repeat of the earlier season match for "The Bod".  

At Leo's Sports Bar and Grill it was Leo's 1 riding the expert cues of Travis "Too Tough" Taggart and Stevie Thiesen getting four wins each and knocking out Maya Janes 1 by a score of 16-9. Aaron Baedke and Rusty Jensen chipped in with three wins each to assist the Leos 1 effort. Maya Janes 1 was lead by two wins from four of the teams shooters.  

At the Char Bar, Bill Willroth pounded out four wins and was backed up by three wins each from Troy Schaffer, Kase Allison, Husker and Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold in route to a route of the Careys 9 Ballers. The 9Ballers were lead by four wins from Jared "Cheeks" Heiden and three wins from Justin Snyder. The Char shooters jumped out to a 8-2 lead after two frames and never looked back.  

At press time the match from Whimps and the Eagles 1 had not been played. Everyone in the area knows how busy it is at Whimps on St. Patty's Day. There was no room for pool in the regular spot, so the match was moved to another night. Next week I will get that info and pass it along. So, at this time there are five teams with the eyes on the prize. The Maya Janes 2, Leo's 1, Char 1, Eagles 1 and Whimps teams still have a shot at the brass ring. We will have to wait for a short while and appreciate the spring weather to find out who is in the finals.

Until next week, thanks a billion. MOJO.

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