This Week in Vermillion Pool League

Hello again folks, the opening round of the playoffs is complete and we have seen the field of 16 cut in half. Here are the updated win and loss totals for the top 16 teams. 1)Maya Janes 2 299-151..66.4 percent.   

2)Whimps 244-131..65.1 percent.  
3)Char 1  273-177..60.7 percent.
4)Leos 1  231-194..54.4 percent.  
5)Maya Janes 1  240-210..53.3 percent.   
6)Char 2  219-206..51.5 percent.
7)Varsity 1  226-224..50.2 percent.  
8)Tie.Leos 3 and Eagles 2  224-226..49.8 percent.
10)Careys 1 222-228..49.3 percent.
11)Eagles 1 197-203..49.3 percent.
12)Leos 2  213-237..47.3 percent.
13)Leos 4  208-242..46.2 percent.  
14)Bunyans 1  185-240..43.5 percent.
15) Maya Janes 3  192-258..42.7 percent.  
16)Varsity 2  168-232..42 percent.  

Let's take a look at the matches and see how the field of 16 was pared into a field of 8. Regular season champions Maya Janes 2 stayed at home and delivered a 17-8 pounding of Maya Janes 3. Nate Bork was a perfect 5-0 to lead his team. Troy Nicks and Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown bolstered the team totals with four wins each. Brandon "Boner" Benzell lead the way for Maya Janes 3 with a three win night.  

In beautiful downtown Burbank it was the Whimps White Gloves delivering a 22-3 crushing of Varsity 2 "Banger's Boys". Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson and "Skinny" Smith paced the White Gloves by each having a 5-0 night at the table. The trio of Mike Allard, Corey Kowalski and Glenny Mac each dropped one game and won four to complete the 22 game smash. The Varsity 2 shooters could not be reached for comment.  

At the Charcoal Lounge it was "Blue Barry"Brown posting a 5-0 night with the help of four games from Husker that slow roasted the Bunyans 1 "Bombers" by a score of 18-7. Grill master, Kase Allison and assistant chefs Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold and Troy Schaffer seasoned the night with three wins each. For the "Bombers" there were a trio of two game winners.  

At Leos Sports Bar and Grill it was regular season forth place winner Leos 1 besting Leos 4 by a 14-11 score. Travis "Too Tough" Taggart and Dave Kezar, with 4-1 nights,  lead the Leos 1 cause. Rusty Jensen was a three game winner in support. Leos 4 was paced by Rick Haught with four wins and assisted by Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye and Kurt Kuiper who rolled in three wins each.  

At Maya Janes 1 it was Scott Towbridge gaining his fourth win and final win of the night for a 13-12 battle with Leos 2. The trio of "T" Wilson King, Gerit Soljie and Josh Kauffman added three wins each for the MJ1 Team. Leos 2 was lead by three wins from Jami Baedke and Dan Doty.  

At the Char 2, it was the three headed monster of Adam Finke, Justin Snyder and Dana "DB" Hovalt with four wins each to deliver a 17-8 upset win for the Careys 1 9Ballers. With the Char 2 shooters leading 3-2 after the first frame, Careys 1 went on an eight game string to take a 11-4 lead after three frames. For Careys 1 Jared "Cheeks" Heiden assisted with three wins. For the Char 2 Josh Kimlicka, Dustin Schemp and Josh Bievier had two wins each and closed out a regular season sixth place finish.

At the "Smoke Free" Varsity Pub it was the high flying Eagles 1 with a 16-9 upset win over the Varsity 1 Lettermen. Larry Edwards and Clark Lewison lead the way for "Team Viagra" with four wins each. Jerry Sommervold and "Downtown" Dick Brown pitched in with three wins each in support. Brown also had 2 9Ball breaks. Matt "Doc" Taggart was a three game winner to take top team honors for the Lettermen.

The Eagles 2 were on the road at Leos 3 for a 13-12 road victory. Shannon Feland got his third win of the night over Travis Snyder for the final triumph. Quinten Larson and Tim Dooley also had three win nights to lead the Eagles 2 team. Cam Nettestadt paced Leos 3 with a perfect 5-0 night. Jon Brooks tossed in four wins to round out Leos 3 season.  

Well, so much for the play by play of week 1 of the playoffs. Here is a list of the "Honor Roll" for our first post season night of 2010. For going 5-0 and winning a "Gold Star Performance" it was Nate Bork of Maya Janes 2, Cam Nettestadt of Leos 3, "Blue Barry" Brown of Char 1 and from Whimps Buzz Johnson and "Skinny" Smith.   

The 9Ball Breakers were Dick Brown (2) of Eagles 1, Jared Heiden and Adam Finke of Careys 1, Jamie Erickson of Bunyans 1 and from Maya Janes 1, Gerit Soljie and Josh Kauffman. The poor souls that went 0-5 and wound up on the "Bottom of the Barrel" were Wade Hanson, Steve Neu, Ryan Mockler, Carson Kennedy,Scott Towels,Curtis Mincks and Terry "Smiley" Benard.  That is certainly how to get noticed.  

The second round match ups for March 17 will be a real St. Patty's Day delight. Home team is listed first, Maya Janes 2 vs Eagles 2, Whimps vs Eagles 1, Char 1 vs Careys 1, and Leos 1 vs Maya Janes 1.  

Well, that's about all I have to tell for this week. Until next time, We will see you from the smooth felt surface. Thanks a billion. MOJO.

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