VAST swimmers attend SD State Short Course Championship swim meet

The VAST swimmers attended the South Dakota State Short Course Championship swim meet March 5-7 held in Aberdeen.

The 9/10 year old girls relay made up of Maddie Lavin, Madisen Martinez, Ava Magee, and Lexie Malimanek placed second in the 200 Free Style Relay. They also placed second in the 200 Medley Relay by .4 seconds to Aberdeen in a close exciting race.

The 15 and older girls had a relay team for the 400 Free and 400 Medley relay as well for the first time in many years. The team made up of Stacie Kjelden, Kaitlin Todd, Annie Peasley and Megan Bottolfson placed ninth and eighth respectively.

Results from the swim meet are as follows:

Isabel Telleria: 100 Free, 9th; 25 Fly, 13th; 50 Back, 13th; 50 Breast, 6th; 25 Breast, 8th; 25 Back, 11th.

Hunter Lavin: 100 Free, 15th; 25 Fly, 11th; 50 Back, 16th; 50 Breast, 8th; 25 Free, 18th; 25 Breast, 9th.

Shelby Brady: 50 Back, 9th.

Lexie Malimanek: 200 Free, 2nd; 200 IM, 2nd; 100 IM, 2nd; 50 Fly, 5th; 100 Fly, 2nd; 50 Back 3rd; 100 Free 1st.

Maddie Lavin: 200 Free, 1st; 200 MIM, 3rd; 100 IM, 4th; 100 Fly, 1st; 100 Free, 3rd; 50 Fly, 6th.

Ava Magee: 50, Fly 3rd; 50 Free, 8th; 100 Free, 8th.

Madisen Martinez: 200 Free, 9th; 50 Fly, 21st; 100 Breast, 8th; 50 Free , 11th; 50 Breast, 6th; 100 Free , 13th.

Nate Robertson: 100 IM, 11th; 50 Fly, 6th; 100 Back, 13th; 50 Free, 11th; 50 Back, 11th.

Kaitlin Todd: 1650, 4th; 200IM , 7th; 100 Fly, 11th; 200 Back, 8th; 500 Free, 8th; 100 Back, 7th; 100 Free, 10th.

Stacie Kjelden: 1650, 3rd; 200 Free , 7th; 50 Free, 6th; 500 Free, 4th; 100 Back, 7th; 100 Free, 9th; 1000 Free, 4th.

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