Vermillion/Clay County EMS Department receives a Power-Pro Chair

Jerry Johnson, Dakota Hospital Foundation Board president, presents a Stryker power-pro chair to Aaron Leesch, director, Vermillion-Clay County EMS, Joe Kyte, a 24-year Vermillion EMS volunteer and Mandy Reed, paramedic.

"The stair chair, as we call it, is used to assist the crew in moving a patient from a downstairs or upstairs level to the main level of the building so the patient can then be loaded onto the cot. This particular chair has the ability to control the ascent/descent which will help in maintaining patient stability while moving them from one level to the other," said Leesch.

Recognizing the importance of safety not only for the patient but our dedicated EMS staff in Vermillion, Dakota Hospital Foundation voted to fund the purchase of the power chair.

"Dakota Hospital Foundation is pleased to provide such an important piece of equipment for our local EMS crew. This speaks to our mission of community health and wellness," said Johnson.

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