Volin-Gayville Horizons Celebration Set For March 21

The Volin-Gayville Horizons Steering Committee will host a celebration on Sunday, March 21, to commemorate the successful completion of the process to receive the Horizons grant. The celebration will take place in the Volin City Hall.

The celebration will start with a free dance workshop from 4-5:30 p.m. taught by Sandi VanderWal and the Yankton County Drifters. They will be teaching the Electric Side, Silver Wings and 16-step. The workshop will be followed by a free supper and a dance with The Outback Band.

There will be various booths to display projects that are being worked on in the community to improve our community and address issues of poverty in our community. Some of these projects include developing a local food bank and addressing hunger in the community, improving communications within our community, providing culture and recreation for children within the community through classes and transportation.

Questions can be directed to Jullie at 605-661-8766 or Missy at 267-2217.

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