A Damaging Attitude

 To the editor:

The more we try to move forward, the more we appear to be moving in the opposite direction.  In a Feb. 26 Plain Talk Letter to the Editor, the statement was made that the Hyperion facility will be detrimental to this area by taking away thousands of acres of fertile farmland, polluting the environment, and by bringing in "transient workers to our stable, clean rural area."  

While I am certainly not a Hyperion advocate, I do take exception to the claim that transient workers will have a detrimental effect on our communities. It is impossible to build a project of this magnitude employing only local tradesmen. A transient worker is defined as one who is not from the local area, and relocates only because of, and for the duration of, his or her work. Does this automatically make him or her a bad person?  Apparently so in the eyes of some.  

More importantly, it paints an explicitly dark image of the people of South Dakota, and our willingness to accept others into our communities. If Hyperion is viewed as the Trojan horse of the oil industry to our local communities, I submit that this attitude will be far more damaging to both our community, and our economy.

Bob Silvano

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