Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

 Forty six cars bearing over 200 people visited Meckling, Wakonda, Volin, Mission Hill and Yankton on this year's booster trip to advertise the July 3, 4 and 5th races at Vermillion.  The caravan, arriving at the James River Bridge, this side of Yankton at 9:30 was met by police escorts.  For about an hour the company entertained the townspeople and at 10:30 the crowd broke up.  A German Brass Band which was a little "corny" with many blue and sour notes amused the bystanders in every town where they stopped.  Next Wednesday evening they will journey to Elk Point, Beresford and Centerville.

Reports are in that Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, are missing in the mid Pacific.

Instructions have been issued to men employed on WPA projects to accept any offer from farmers needing help and willing to offer the going wage, and can assure the worker just payment for his services.  Farmers may apply to the foreman of the project located nearest them, or request certain men from the project.

An apple tree needs about 40 leaves to each maturing apple.
The City Commissioners have agreed to oil the streets along several blocks in east Vermilion, if property owners will furnish the oil.

Ten mail boxes have been placed about the city.  You may now mail letters without going to the post office and carriers will pick up the mail twice a day.

 A straw stack which was stacked near the Missouri River at Elm City suddenly appeared on a tiny island out in the river.  How did it get there?  One "carping" comment was to the effect that a herd of buffalo fish had towed the stack out for feeding purposes.  But old fisherman, said that sounded like a lot of "bullhead" and that the straw would be used to make a straw tick for the river bed.  Someone suggested that "Believe It or Not" by Ripley be called on the case.

On June 30, 1937, the city auditor of Vermilion reports the city is in good financial condition with a balance of $11,083.52.  Taxes, light and water collections are the biggest source of revenue.  Fines and licenses brought in a little over $1,000.00 income.

The State is pushing for road improvements estimated cost to be $2,700,000 and many roads are being worked on at this time in South Dakota.

Enjoy an outing at River Sioux Park.  Sternie Sternberg and his orchestra will play for the dance on July 30th.  A case of beer will be given to the best waltzing couple.  July 31st, is Pa and Ma night.  On Sunday you may roller skate in the afternoon along with boating, fishing and swimming.  Free entertainment begins at 9:00 o'clock.  Barbecued ribs and chicken are now being served at the park.

An estimated 1,500 attended the dedication of the Band Shell at Prentis Park.  C. E. Prentis who donated the land for the park held a seat of honor on the platform during the dedication services.  The Yankton Municipal Band entertained the crowd at the band concert.

The grand opening of the new Ben Franklin Store will be held on Saturday.  The store will specialize in merchandise in the 5 cents to $1.00 range.  The store will be at 14 West Main, the building owned by John Morrison and recently remodeled. Mr. W. C. Phillips will manage the new store and issues a cordial invitation to everyone to visit his new store on opening day.

The CCC camps will be enlarged this fall.  There will be many vacancies as many of the members will reach the age of 24 by September 30th.  Requirement ages are for unmarried men between 17 and 24 years of age.  Men with steady employment, criminal records or on probation are ineligible.

It was 107 degrees last Sunday.  The hot temperature and winds may have damaged the corn crops.  The following Tuesday 5.29 inches of rain was recorded.  This is an all time record.

$19,970,000 is spent on CCC in South Dakota.  A total of $4,398,000 represents the wages for 21,300 enrollees in 50 months.  The 19,970,000 spent in South Dakota was from April 1933 to July 1, 1937 for the maintenance of the camps.  Expenditures were for wages, food, clothing, equipment, materials and other supplies required for project work.  $4,398,912.60 was for wages of approximately 21,300 enrollees during the 50 month period.  Standard pay is $30.00 per month of which $25.00 was paid to the dependents.  The men are allowed to keep $5.00 each month.

Couples are now asked to apply early to be married at the Clay County Fair.  A $50.00 gift will be given to the couple chosen in addition to numerous other gifts from business places in Vermillion.  The earlier the applications are put in the better chance applicants have of being chosen.

Wm. R. Russell has a new position with the State Highway Patrol.  He will patrol six counties in this part of the state.  At the present time there are five patrol cars on duty throughout the state.

The wedding of John Larson of Volin and Dorothy McIntry of Vermillion drew a crowd of 1,200 people on the final night of the fair.

The City Council is discussing a lighting project at Prentis Park.  No definite estimates for the proposed project have been made to date.

Harold Sletwold will open a modern flower shop at 108 East Main Street.  This will give Vermilion a flower shop comparable with any in the territory.  For the past seven years the company has conducted all its business at the Sletwold Greenhouse below the Ravine Hill.  Miss Margaret Sletwold will be in charge of the shop.

A crowd of 5,000 saw the unveiling of the huge likeness of Abraham Lincoln at Mt. Rushmore.  The event took place on the 150th anniversary of the signing of the constitution.

The CCC Camp at Pierre has been ordered closed.  The government has spent $75,000 per year in maintaining the camp.

Ray G. Stevens of Rock Rapids purchased an interest in Citizens Bank and resumed his position as the President.

E. T. Michels opened a completely modernized garage on Center Street.  Fred Bertrand is the mechanic and James O'Connor is the sales representative.  Mr. Michels has 1938 models of both the Dodge and Plymouth on the floor and invites any interested person to inspect them.

End 1937

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