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This week I muse about the one of the sports that fills my television and radio broadcasts. It's a beautiful thing when your team is winning or your favorite golfer knocks his shot in the hole. It is also a very cool thing when your local professional baseball franchise opens up a new park.  

In Minneapolis the ownership and management have set the table of entertainment and we the fans have an opportunity to sample the wares in a gorgeous and opulent surrounding. The Minnesota Twins have decided to give us an outdoor arena with copious amenities and a wide range of great seats as well as great dining and drinking adventures.  

On Monday, April 12, we (the fans and onlookers) were privy to the unavailing of Twin legend Kirby Puckett's likeness cast in bronze, in the famous pose from his Game 6 heroics of the 1991 World Series. Many fans remember the moment and "Puck," with a lump in their throat and a smile on their face as "Kirby" welcomes them to the brand spanking new Target Field in beautiful downtown Minneapolis, MN.  

As the fans enter the 39,504 seat stadium, I would point out the 40 foot of main concourse width that should give us all a little more room to maneuver. The only people that don't like more room are probably the pick pocket artists, and they are a good group to stay away from anyway. The view from the main concourse also allows us to see the playing field while we are seeking out the source of nutritional adventures. There are a couple of restaurant type places to sit and watch the action and get the thirst thing taken care of.

"Herbek's" is in the home plate area and the "Town Ball Tavern" is located in the outfield area. Both feature enough options to tease your palate and quench your thirst.  In other areas around the park you can find a Cuban sandwich inspired by Twins legend Tony Oliva. The Pecos River chili from the Loon Cafe should be a hit on the cooler days. There is a Cajun Pork Chop if you look in the right place, and what stadium would be complete without the bratwurst, Polish and Hungarian sausages?

If you like something sweet you can go to the Killebrew Rootbeer stand and get a root beer float. You can even get some frozen treats from Wells Blue Bunny of our neighbors from LeMars, IA. Just a suggestion, but we may want to make a stop at the bathroom before getting settled, so the designers of "Target Field" have disbursed 401 women's bathrooms and another 266 for the men. Oh, to celebrate the pause that refreshes.  

Once we get into the park we see many places to view the game. Out in left field there is an area for milling around and watching which has a large heated area for the fans. It is kind of like a fire pit in the yard where you can enjoy an adult beverage, warm your self and enjoy the game. There is a canopy on the Terrace Level that should provide some shelter for the less than perfect days. Lots of options for seating. I saw the pricing from $10 to $275.

 I would advise if anyone does have an extra ticket worth $275 that I am available to sample that type of seating option, for a reduced fee. And there is a huge scoreboard that was built by Daktronics of … well, Brookings. (I guess something good had to come out of that place) … I jest at the aspect of years and years of rivalry. On the field the dimensions are 411 feet to dead center field, 339 feet down the left field line and 327 feet down the right field line.

Target Field has been called a neutral field by some. I guess that means that there is no discernible advantage for the pitchers or the hitters. I also guess we, the fans will have to wait on the out come of that statement.  

As I close I would like to thank Joe Mauer and the Twins management for signing a $184 million dollar contract. I am sure there are other teams that would have offered more of the big bucks but it is good for the game to have the Minnesota favorite son in residence for the next number of years. The Twins are putting out as great product for us all and I for one hope everyone gets a chance to appreciate the experience.

Sorry if I sound like I am gushing but this is a very cool chance for some outdoor baseball.  So, that's all for me and the big sign that features Minnie and Paul. Thanks a billion. MOJO.

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