This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

By Joe "MOJO" Reiser

Hello again folks, I would like to welcome spring to the Vermillion area and also update the readers on the playoffs of the local 9Ball league. First to catch up on a little back work. By a 16-9 tally it was Whimps winning the make up game against the Eagles 1 shooters. I don't have any info other than the score so that will have to be a less than perfect update.

The season scoring totals for the top four teams are:

1) Maya Janes 2 with 312 wins and 151 losses for a winning average of 65.68 percent.
2) Whimps 275-150..64.7 percent.
3)Char 1  283-192..59.58 percent.
4)Leos 1  243-207..54 percent.

All the other teams finished in the same order as last week. Now let's get to the matches and see how the upper echelon of shooters fared.  

At Whimps it was a close match through three frames with the home team holding an 8-7 lead over the Char 1. "Husker" put a thorn in the side of his former teammates with a game leveling win to start the forth stanza. The score was 8-8 when  the "White Gloves" ran off five straight wins to close out the match for Whimps. Glenny Mac and Rob Lectbeiter lead the "Burbank Boys" with four wins each. "Skinny" Smith and "Buzz" Johnson assisted with three wins each to help push the score to 15-10 and a match for the League Title on April Fools Day.

For the Char 1 team it was "Husker" with a four win night and some help from "Blue Barry" Brown's three wins. In a sad note it was an 0-5 night for Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold that wound up putting the K9 commando on "The Bottom of the Barrel".  

In the finals it will be Maya Janes 2 hosting the "really big show", as Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown won his fourth game of the night and closed out the Leos 1 team by the score of 13-12. Brian Lambertz and Mark Whatshisfrigginname pitched in with three wins apiece in support of the MJ2 cause. In the first frame the Leos 1 team nailed down four wins. At the end of the third set the score was 8-7 with the MJ2 gaining a slight advantage from Brian Lambertz second win of the match. Leos 1 opened the fourth with three straight wins from Rusty Jensen, Aaron Baedke and Stevie Thiesen. The score was 10-8 when Maya Janes 2 went on a five game string to close the match with the ever important 13th win of the night.

Leos 1 was lead by the three headed monster of Baedke, Jensen and Thiesen all of who scored three wins on the night. So, that puts Maya Janes 2 hosting Whimps at 7:30 p.m. on March 31 for the league championship and the rights to hold the "End of the Season Singles Night and Fiesta". This should be an extraordinary match and very entertaining. I certainly hope it is well attended.  All shooters are encouraged to get to the "Fiesta" at the end of the season at the winners Pub on April 8, and enter in the singles tourney. It may be the chance you need to avenge the few losses that stick in your craw.  

Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Spring has sprung and the sun gives me hope that winter is gone for a while. Until next week, thanks a trillion (Yeah, a billion is not enough). MOJO.

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