This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

Hello again folks. We just wrapped up the Masters golf tourney and that is a sure sign that spring is here and there is almost no chance that we will be shoveling snow for a few months. The local 9Ball league has finished for the 2009-2010 season with a post season party and 9Ball tourney at Whimps.

Carol "Krusie" Kruse put out a wonderful buffet of broasted chicken, beans, coleslaw and chips. Jere Chapman fired up his party bus and offered up a "safe and sober" driver. The hot shots from the league had a post season tourney. Last year's champ, Bill Willroth, relinquished his crown by bowing out before the final four. When the dust cleared it was Rob Lectbeiter of the Whimps "White Gloves" defeating Nate Bork of Maya Janes 2 for the title.

Maya Janes 2 would have a small bit of redemption as Brian Lambertz bested Glenny Mac for the third place award. It seems fitting that the top two teams would be represented in the finals and consolation match. So, that wraps up a season that saw Maya Janes 2 win the regular season and Whimps win the post season playoffs.

There was a lot of great pool played by a lot of fun loving players. Each and every team had the chance to host and be hosted to some Wednesday night fun. This is a good way to endure a long, long winter. I would encourage more players to get a team together and get into the league. It's a lot of fun and you get to see a few places that are under the radar.

We have some local stars that shine on Wednesday nights. Let's hope that your team can be there in the finals next year. Until next time, thanks a billion.  MOJO.

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