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Hello again folks. April brings us the finals of the NCAA Basketball Tourney and some nicer weather. I had a disastrous "Final 4" sheet and from the sounds of it, so did a lot of you players. The Finals of our 9Ball League Tournament play have been wrapped up. Let's take a look at the match and see how the top dog shooters fared.   

The final match was engaged at Maya Janes with regular season champion Maya Janes 2 as host. Perennial power house Whimps was the visiting team. Ten marksman would play 25 games for the title. Maya Janes 2 held the first frame breaking honors and garnered a 4-1 hot start to the match.  The second frame swung to the White Gloves of Whimps with a 3-2 split and made the tally 6 for Maya Janes 2 to 4 for Whimps.

The White Gloves racked the third frame and won the first four games to take an 8-6 lead. Brian Lambertz saved the blitz with a win in the last game of the third. At the end of three frames Whimps held a narrow 8-7 advantage. The fourth frame proved to be a disaster for Maya Janes 2 as Whimps ran the frame and won five straight to get the ever important 13th game. When the dust cleared the final score was 16 to 9 in favor of the Whimps shooters.

The White Gloves were lead by four wins each from Glenny Mac and Rob Lectbeiter. Mike Allard and  "Skinny" Smith helped the cause with three wins each. Troy Nicks, Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown, Nate Bork and Brian Lambertz were all two game winners for MJ2.

It was a great season for Maya Janes 2. They finished the year as regular season champs. Whimps did prove to be a formidable post-season champion. The end of the season tourney is scheduled for Whimps on Wednesday, April 7. A singles tourney will be held with the champion to "reign"over all of the other shooters for the year. Last year's champ, Bill Willroth will be offering advice and lessons before, during and after the match.  

Well, that is all for the play by play. Here is a list of the individuals who made the "Honer Roll" as it were. The 5-0 shooters that received a "Gold Star" are (by team) Bunyans 1 – Jamie Erickson. Bunyans 2 – Donny Stewart, Blaine Schollerman and Dan "Semi" Semmler. Careys 9Ballers – Joe "Mojo" Reiser, Justin Snyder, Adam Finke, Luke Lacey and Ben Boskie.  Careys 2 – Bobby Langner and Zac Lacey. Char 1 – Kase Allison, "Blue Barry" Brown, Troy Schaffer and Husker. Char 2 – Ryan "Dino" Dineen, Kevin "Hot Rod" Jensen and Josh Kimlicka. Eagles 1 – "Downtown" Dick Brown.  Eagles 2 – Dennis Navarat and Tim Dooley.  Leos 1 – Rusty Jensen, Stevie Thiesen and Travis "Too Tough" Taggart. Leos 2 – Ryan Baedke. Leos 3 – Cam Nettestadt, Jon Brooks and Travis Snyder.  Leos 4 – Kurt Kuiper and Rick Haught.  Maya Janes 1 – Gerit Soljie, Josh Kauffman and Scott Turnbaugh. Maya Janes 2 – Nate Bork, Brian Lambertz, Troy Nicks, Barry "Rock n' Roll" Brown and Todd "Rat" Radigan. Varsity 1 – Wade "True Blue" Mount. Varsity 2 – Ryan Brinkman, Jason "Banger" Bengford, Luke Muhlbauer and Dean Clodfelder. Whimps – Glenny Mac, "Skinny" Smith, Rob Lectbeiter and "Buzz" Johnson.  

The players that had a "9Ball Break" were Bunyans 1 – Jeff Solomon, Jeremy Kirkpatrick, Jody Sailer, Jamie Erickson and Eric Hanson.  Bunyans 2 – Dan "Semi" Semmler, Donny Stewart and Blaine Schollerman. Careys 9Ballers – Joe "MOJO" Reiser, Justin Snyder, Ben Boskie, Luke Lacey, Jared "Cheeks" Heiden, Adam Finke, Dana "DB" Hovalt and Matt Zeman. Careys 2 – Zac Lacey, Collene Zea and Bobby Langner. Char 1 – Husker, "Blue Barry" Brown, Kase Allison, Troy Schaffer and Grant "Big Dog"Sommervold. Char 2 – Ryan "Dino" Dineen and Kevin "Hot Rod" Jensen.  Eagles 1 – Cliff Deverell, Jerry Sommervold and "Downtown" Dick Brown. Eagles 2 – Dennis Navarat. Leos 1 – Rusty Jensen, Stevie Thiesen, Travis "Too Tough" Taggart and Aaron Baedke.  Leos 2 – Ryan Baedke and Mike Hkerdle. Leos 3 – Brett Mockler, Jon Brooks and Travis Snyder. Leos 4 – Harlin Durkin, Wade "Blues Man" Hanson, Kurt Kuiper and Rick Haught. Maya Janes 1..Carson Kennedy, Gerit Soljie and Josh Kauffman. Maya Janes 2 – Troy Nicks and Todd Radigan. Varsity 1 – Rain Merrigan and Wade "True Blue" Mount. Varsity 2 – Jason "Banger" Bengford and Dean Clodfelder. Whimps – Rob Lectbeiter, Glenny Mac, "Skinny" Smith, Harry O'Connor and Joe Werdel.  

The poor souls that went 0-5 and wound up under "The Bottom of the Barrel" were Bunyans 1 – Jamie Erickson, Curtis Mincks, Eric Hanson and Jeremy Kirkpatrick.  Bunyans 2 – Dan "Semi" Semmler and Blaine Schoellerman. Careys 9Ballers – Jared "Cheeks" Heiden, Luke Lacey, Ben Boskie and Dean Clodfelder.  Careys 2 – Andrew Lesch, Bobby Langner, Collene Zea and Zac Lacey. Char 1 – HUSKER and "BLUE BARRY" BROWN.  Char 2 – Dustin Schemp.  Eagles 1 – Cliff Deverell. Eagles 2 – Dennis Navarar, Grant Sjaarda and Patrick Farrens. Leos 2 – Ryan Baedke, Donny Doty, Jami Baedke and Jeff "Fleet" Gilbertson. Leos 3 – Kyle Mollet and Ryan Mockler.  Leos 4 – Kurt Kuiper and Rick Haught. Maya Janes 1 – Carson Kennedy and Josh Kauffman. Maya Janes 3 – Alex, Brandon, Tyler Job, Adam Hasse, Steve Neu and Scott Towels. Varsity 1 – Mike Stewart and Carl Towner. Varsity 2 – Jesse Greenway and Terry "Smily" Benard. Whimps – "Buzz Johnson.  

And I will apologize now for anyone who was forgotten or missed. I tried to gather the info and some of the time the names were not recorded. I know that stuff sometimes falls in between  the cracks – it's just best not to step in it when it does. Uh, that is suppose to substitute for humor.

Until next time, thanks a Billion. MOJO.

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