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Skylar Tiahrt, Wakonda, has the role of Albert Einstein in Picasso at the lapin Agile, a stage play by comedian and actor Steve Martin. The Tony Award-winning show is on stage at Northwestern College, Orange City, IA, April 15-24.

The absurdist comedy, which was Martin's first published script, imagines Pablo Picasso and Einstein meeting in a Parisian café in 1904, just before cubism and the theory of relativity transformed art and physics.

The men and other café guests drink, discuss the women they have wooed, and wonder about what the 20th century might bring. Bedroom and bathroom humor are interjected into clever banter on the nature of genius, celebrity sell-outs, and men's and women's attitudes toward love and fidelity.

Picasso and Einstein argue, draw and swap creations: "Mine is beautiful," says Picasso.

Indicating his formula, Einstein retorts, "Men have swooned on seeing that."

"Mine touches the heart," says Picasso.

"Mine touches the head," says Einstein.

A freshman writing major, Tiahrt is the son of Thomas and Cheryl.

Northwestern College's award-winning theatre program offers majors in theatre, speech and Christian theatre ministries. A Christian liberal arts college of 1,200 students, Northwestern is rated a top-five Midwestern college by U.S. News & World Report magazine.

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