Bob bids adieu to his faithful readers

This is it!

It's my last column. I didn't want it to end this way – but it did.

I have been working with the Hospice program for some months now, and I met with a delegation recently; Jan, Jill and Pat were also there.

They've decided that I might injure Phyllis and myself if I continue to deteriorate, as has happened in recent days, if we continue to do things they way we have.

To give Phyllis time to prepare for the changes at home, hospice is transferring me to respite care at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital for five days. In the meantime, she will be typing my last dictated column..

I guess I won't get to seal off the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico nor will I find out if President Barack Obama gets another four years in the White House.  

I won't have an active part to play in grandson Samuel Robert's graduation from Yankton High School but I will see him get his diploma.  Phyllis and I will be so proud, as he enters into South Dakota State University, my alma mater!

I hesitate to predict what will happen to me in the future, but after five days in respite care, I'll be coming home to a re-arranged house – to make it easier to care for me – and it will be impossible for me to continue the column – after writing more than 3,000 of them.

I will say adieu for now and hope that I get a second wind.  In the meantime, you'll have to get along without my words of wisdom.  

So, thanks for going along for the ride!  Your loyalty and kind words in letters to me over the years have meant a great deal.

Editor's note:
The Plain Talk just won't be the same. As Bob has announced, this week marks his final "Writer at Large" column, which has graced the editorial page of this newspaper for decades.
Bob is one of the most prolific authors in state history. He and his wife, Phyllis returned to their Yankton County roots over 40 years ago (they were living near Seattle), and South Dakota is so much the better for it.
After returning to his home state, Bob began building a publication list that included numerous historical works. He also began regularly submitting his  "Writer at Large" column for publication in the Plain Talk and a number of other South Dakota newspapers. Bob also penned "The Way It Was," a historical column featured in the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan. He compiled his favorite columns into two books, Tears in My Horseradish (1983) and Toulouse the Goose and Other Ridiculous Stories (1985).
Throughout most of his professional career, Karolevitz has published nearly 40 books, written dozens of columns, and sold over one thousand magazine articles, features, and poems, many to national publications. He has been honored by the South Dakota Hall of Fame, the South Dakota Newspaper Association, and was named Yankton's Citizen of the Year in 1997 for his literary work and civic involvement.
The staff of Yankton Media, Inc. wish Bob the best. His presence in our publications will be missed.

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