Letter to the Editor

 To the editor:
The family is the most intimate and basic unit of society. We are a part of this and from there to the limitless boundaries as members of the family of God.

This gave me pause in the light of the revelations of the behavior of a few Catholic clergy. The pain we feel for them and the victims is profound.

As a Catholic, what is a proper response?

In our families, we would not respond to a child suffering from an illness with rejection and isolation. Rather, we would reach out with love, caring support and with every resource to seek help and healing.

These men are ill. In the past, it seems, a failure to provide a lasting and effective cure was understandable. We now are better able to address the problem.

Fortunately, we have known a lifetime of productive, healthy and honorable clergy.

As this healing process is taking place, please extend our love and support to the few clergy who are ill and not be distracted from knowing God's perfect love for his family. Peace.

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