Sam has calculated the formula for a good meal

Grandson Sam should be known as Chef Garrity because of his interest in fancy food production.

Every time he gets together with his aunt Jill and his mother Jan, the conversation quickly turns to recipes which are something I know little about.

They talk about interesting spices I've never heard of and garnishes they've seen used on the Food Network which I have never seen.

Chef Garrity knows about them all!

He even volunteered to prepare a dinner for our families which I would never do.

For the main course he concocted a macaroni and cheese dish with five cheeses served with a Caesar salad. He finished up with a wonderful cheesecake which was out of this world – because he folded in the cream cheese rather than beating it in like some folks would do. We gave him an A-plus for that and we ate it all!

It was the culmination of his talent as a chef – and all I could do was whip up a bowl of Grape Nuts!

Everyone has said he has a special talent for food production but his goal in life is as a computer mathematician.  He feels he could do more for the world that way than pleasing the palates of others.

In the meantime, his conversations with his mother and Aunt Jill might be teaching them the difference between a Tarragon leaf and a mathematical formula.

So he's off to college to learn about technological things rather than how to prepare a scrumptious meal.

He already knows how to do that!

Maybe he can come home on weekends and please us all with another meal instead of an algebraic formula.

We would like that a lot.

© 2010 Robert F. Karolevitz

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