Seniors encounter cold weather

It seems that when the seniors are playing on Tuesday afternoons, the weather is either windy or the temperature is frigid. Despite the cold, 16 golfers attended the May 11 session. However, not a single 80-year-old player came out to join the league this date. The 80-year-old members did stay at the clubhouse to play cards while the rest went out to brave the elements.

This week's play was match competition. There were some close matches. The team of Harlan Schott, Jim Reed and Milo Gilbertson won their match by one stroke with a 39. Although in a losing effort Don Baer sank a 27-foot birdie putt on #17.

In another three-man competition the team of Dennis Bruce, Jack Doyle and Max Anderson won by a referee's decision as this team ended up in a tie at 39.

In two-man competition, the team of Ken Beringer and Bob Solomon defeated their opponents by one stroke with a 40. According to Solomon, it was his successful "hail Mary" birdie putt of 45 feet on hole #10 that sealed the victory for his team. Hail Mary means you have no idea where the putt is going, so you just punch it somewhere in the direction of the cup. The seniors do have fun playing in this league.

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