Seniors like<br /> warmer temps

On May 18, it was quite evident that the seniors will attend when temperatures are in the 70s. They had the highest turnout of this season at 31.

Playing a three-man scramble format, the best score of 36 was carded by the team of Dennis Bruce, Cleland Cook and Ross King. Taking second with the better 39 was the team of Jerry Sommervold, Wayne Rogers and Gene Iverson. At the other 39 for third were Sid Davis, Dick Kellogg and Bob Solomon. Capturing fourth with the only 40 was the team of Turk Pilker, Ken Beringer and Fritz Bartels. Edging out fifth place with a 41 and a par at the fourth hole, the team of Max Anderson, Jim Reed and Do Baer was able to win by the handicap rule.

In the shoot-out competition amongst the 80 year olds, the three-man team of Elmer Mount, Van Pierce and Ray Lynn had an easy victory. In this match Guy Button was a floating extra which means he plays as an additional shooter for the team that is behind in the match. The benefit of being a "floater" is that you automatically win a ball because you are playing for both teams at different times.

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