Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk

By Cleo Erickson

The year began with Tom's Chocolate Shop being robbed a second time in six months.  Two or more thieves, one of them thought to be a woman, netted a large amount of goods.  They broke into the nickelodeon and took the small change, then went for cigarettes, candy and liquor.  All aspects of the case indicate the job was done by professionals.  Their entry showed the skilled hands of an experienced burglar.

Dance at the President's Birthday Ball at the University Armory on Jan. 30th.  Proceeds go to fight Infantile Paralysis, 50% remains in Clay County. Music by Jack Edwards and his Orchestra.  Admission:  Gentlemen 40 cents and Ladies 25 cents.
The rural fire truck fund is growing.  Burbank held a benefit dance and showed a profit of $48.07 and donated it to the fund.  The total is now up to $767.27.
A salesman from Beresford pleaded guilty for using obscene language in justice court and was fined $25.00 and costs.
The new Firestone Champion tire has been introduced to the motoring public.

 Birthday Ball yields of a net profit of $87.88; March of Dimes grosses $50.12.

 Hector Harnois purchased the Texaco Station from Hon Lass last week.  The station has been open during the remodeling but will hold an open house on Friday.  Everyone is invited.

The rural fire truck fund is short of $250.00 to reach its goal.  After several weeks of soliciting and holding the annual fireman's ball they had netted $2,242.00.  The department extends thanks to all who have donated to this fund.

This past month (February 1938), 16,285 South Dakota residents over 65 years of age received $18,631.70 in old age assistance grants.  More than 400 out of every 1,000 people over 65 in this state were on old assistance in February.  The Dept of Social Security in the state is making every effort possible to eliminate those on the rolls who are not eligible for the monthly compensation.  Special attention is being paid to wed people whose sons and daughters who are unable to support them and need the old age assistance.  The monthly allotment cannot exceed $30.00.  Clay County old people received $3,922.35 last month in assistance.  The average amount per recipient was $20.54.
James A Yeado has purchased the jewelry store on Main Street from Carl Hueners.  Dr. H. E. Schlueter has purchased the optical part of the business.  Mr. & Mrs. Hueners will move to Los Angeles where he intends to open a store in that location.
Tourist traffic in South Dakota is expected to be the heaviest in years.  Huge stacks of letters have been received in Pierre requesting road maps and information concerning South Dakota's scenic beauty.

 Approximately 62,000 CCC enrollers are working under the technical supervision of the soil conservation service.

 Only $200.00 more and Clay County will have a new rural fire truck.  The members of the Volunteer Fire Department are casting their eyes around in search of the funds to bring the rural truck fund up to $2,500.00 cost of the new truck.  Bids for the truck were considered and that of Oden Implements for a completely outfitted International was considered best.  Delivery can be guaranteed in 30 days of the money is raised immediately.

 The quit claim land case, involving 760 acres of land in the Missouri river, which has been in session here for more than two weeks,will probably last the remainder of this week in the opinion of Vermillion attorneys who have been following the case with interest.  The case is far from ended.
Four slot machines have been confiscated by the sheriff and state officer in 2 nearby towns.  The owners of the establishments were each fined $35.00 and costs in justice court.

The fines were suspended on payment of the costs.  No arrests were made in conjunction with punchboards but every place in the county was warned to stop their use immediately.

The Gamble Store will move into the Gilbertson building after alterations are made.  The building was the former Gilbertson Harness Shop.  Matt Larson, shoe repair man will still remain in the building.

The Gamble Agency is sponsoring a bicycle safety club according to Russ Moser owner of the Gamble Store.  Every bicycle owner of school age in Vermillion is extended an invitation to join the organization.  Emblems will be supplied free of charge by Gambles.  Chief of Police, Harry Fowler, will deliver a talk at the first meeting.
Jungle oddities and a 3 ring circus will be in Vermillion for one day only on May 19th.  Special reduced prices are 35 cents for adults and 25 cents for children.
Over half a million 1939 Chevrolets have been sold to date and the demand is increasing day after day.  Better see and drive the nation's biggest selling car today at Swenson Chevy. Co., 24 Market Street right here in Vermillion.

Tiny Little and his band will be playing at Riversioux Park for your dancing pleasure on May 19th.  On May 20th Happy Jack O'Malloy and his WNAX will be featured.

On  Sunday May 21 roller skating is available all afternoon.

The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars have voted not to sponsor the Pari-Mutual races here this summer.  The two organizations felt they would be taking on too large a responsibility in sponsoring the event that might possibly result in a financial loss.  About $600.00 would be needed in cash before an event could be scheduled.

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