Wednesday morning<br /> ladies enjoy great day

05/19/10 A great day for the ladies to golf, have lunch and play card games.

There were 24 ladies present for the great lunch Cherry Street Grille provided.

The desserts were as usual – GREAT!!  They were provided by: Vaneta Youngworth and Mary Bartels … great job ladies.

The $5 drawing was won by: Edith Nelson. The quarters were won by: Anita White, Ann Stewart, Judy Sullivan, Pat Pratt, Marlys Jensen, Thelma Raines and Ellie Davis.  As you can tell … the more ladies that come the more ladies that have a chance for winning some quarters.

We shall have the Bridge report next week.

Dominoes report: This is the report for last week – I shall be submitting this weeks in the next reporting and continue in that manner for the convenience of the player reporting and me getting info to each other.

There were three tables on May 12. They played May trivia. The games were won as follows: "Closest to '69 without going over"–Rula Hatch, Babe Hurowitz and Mary Lea Hennies.  "Closest to 101" – Rose Mart, Beth Sivano and Thelma Raines.  "Closest to 29" – Sue Kappenman, Mary Lea Hennies and Anita White.  Total score:  219 without going over – Babe Hurowitz, Mary Lea Hennies and Anita White.

Looks as though there was a whole lot of fun going on in dominoes!!

Golf report: On May 19, there were seven golfers and they played  "Poker". There was a tie with 4 of a Kind – Edith Nelson and Barb Boone.  Good work girls … we all had a lot of fun!

This is the report for now … will be back with all the future fun and games next week.
Pat Steckelberg

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