Deadline to apply for tax refund nears

The deadline to apply for the Elderly and Disabled Property and Sales Tax Refund program is nearing.  Refunds are calculated based on income, and the deadline to apply is July 1.

This program provides nearly 2500 low-income elderly and disabled South Dakotans an average refund of just over $165 dollars for sales and property taxes paid. Unfortunately many of the funds go un-utilized because many don't know this program exists.

"During the 2010 legislative session, AARP South Dakota strongly supported the reauthorization of this program," said Sarah Jennings, state director for AARP South Dakota.  

The program has been in effect since 1974 and during that period has returned more than $29 million to South Dakotans who need it most.  AARP South Dakota will continue to push for this program with the next Legislature and Governor in 2011.

Information about the refund, qualifications, and applications can be found on the SD Property Tax Division website, or by contacting the Division of Revenue and Regulation via email at, or by phone at 605-773-6729.

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