Erickson speaks to Lions Club

Cleo Erickson, life-long Vermillion resident and long-standing member of the Clay County Historical Society, spoke to the Lions Club on Thursday, June 17 at the W. H. Over Museum. The Lions had originally planned to hold their bi-monthly meeting at the Austin-Whittemore House, but because of the threat of inclement weather, the social was moved to the Over Museum.

Cleo spoke to the Lions regarding the history of the establishment of the Clay County Historical Society and the purchase and restoration of the Austin-Whittemore House. She shared many stories regarding the acquisition, history, condition, and original owners and the value of this information to the preservation of Vermillion's history.

Among business and plans for future activities discussed by the Lions was the upcoming summer social which will be held at Raziel's on July 15 at 6 p.m.; new officers and board members will be installed at this time.  July 4 will find the local Lions in Wakonda serving a pancake breakfast to visitors to Wakonda – serving for that meal begins at 10 a.m.  The Lions will also serve the Welcome Table on June 28.  Several members of the local club had travelled to Viborg for an orientation meeting. Also discussed were the upcoming traveler's breakfast in August and the Fly-In breakfast later in August.

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