Ladies have beautiful day for golf

What a great day today for golf, games and friendships. June 16 was beautiful weather for golf.

There were 25 ladies today for our luncheon. The desserts were provided by Irma Burbach and Brenda Chatham. I tasted both, and they were great.

We did not have any new members or guests today.  

Lucky Edith Nelson won our $5 drawing and the quarters were won by Maxine Rogers, Ramona Kellogg, Lois O'Grady, Barb Boone, Lorraine Brunick, Marlys Jensen and Thelma Raines. Our foursome golf group was pretty lucky and all but one – me – won quarters. Next time ladies.

The bridge and dominoes report will be in my next write-up as at the time, they are still playing. Go girls!

The golf report shows seven ladies. We played Bingo, Bango, Bongo and no ruff stuff.

Ramona Kellogg had best score total, 17 and Edith Nelson had 13. We won't talk about my total; my 9-hole total and the Bingo total both need a lot of work.

Some little tidbits: In my foursome group, (I warned you ladies I was going to do this), on hole #9 where we started, Ramona putted from off the green and the ball went right into the cup, she was both closest to the hole and first in, she almost fainted.  I rode with Maxine Rogers, she is a newbie to golfing and is doing great. By the way for those who don't golf, Bingo is first on the green, Bango is closest to the hole, and Bongo is first in. There is also a point for not going in the rough. Well needless to say, I am usually in there.

No matter how the games turn out – golf, dominoes, or cards – there is always laughter and you know the more you laugh the longer you will live.  So, we will all live long.

See you next week.
Pat Steckelberg, Reporter

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