Northeast Ward

Family: Wife, Cindy; Daughter Kelsey, college sophomore; son Tyler, high school senior; son Alex, high school freshman.
Education/Occupation: USD graduate (BSFA '86), Director of Online Services for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.
If incumbent, years of experience: 6 years.

1. I feel that I act as an effective communicator between citizens and city staff.  I can listen to all sides of a discussion and do what is best for taxpayers and the city. As a person who has dedicated my life to public service, it's a great honor and pleasure to be on the City Council.

2.  Jobs/Growth. The City Council has spent the last decade improving infrastructure – water and wastewater plant improvements, a new power line, a new baler at the landfill, a new City Hall – making the services the right fit for Vermillion – with room for growth.  The Vermillion NOW! campaign is a great plan, Vermillion is poised for growth, and the best way the city council  can support growth is to honor our financial commitments to the Chamber of Commerce and Development Corporation and give their requests serious consideration.

City services/ Quality of life.  We have challenges and opportunities facing our public library and swimming pool in the near future. The expansion and renovation of our public library is long overdue. I am honored that the city manager selected me to serve on a citizens committee to study and make recommendations for the expansion of the Vermillion Public Library.  We have a well-used and well-run public library that is bursting at the seams in several areas.  I'm excited to bring my knowledge of technology trends as well as the needs of citizens to the table. The city has done its best to do low cost maintenance and improvements to the Prentis Park pools and changing facilities.  As the life span of the public pools in Prentis Park reaches their end, there are many questions about the changing needs of Vermillion for summer recreation, and year-long physical fitness. We can learn from surrounding communities and tailor our solutions to the needs of Vermillion. There are many options available, but the one constant is to need to find a creative way to finance both projects.

 Vermillion's relationship with USD and Clay County. What's good for USD is good for Vermillion, what's good for Clay County is good for Vermillion, and visa-versa.  The city's working relationship with USD is good, and with changing leadership at the U and the city, it's important that the relationship is strengthened further. As leadership changes with the county commission, and as we resolve our differences on the extraterritorial zoning issue, I look forward to working with the county on issues of economic development and recreational opportunities.

3. My 25 years of experience in public broadcasting have made me a good communicator.  I am active in several service organizations in Vermillion, which gives me the ability to talk to many people from a variety of backgrounds.  I enjoy discussing Vermillion's issues and learning people's perspectives whether they are a local business person, or an instructor with the school district or USD.  Many of the projects that I have worked on over the years involve communication and open government, issues that I will continue to work on if re-elected.

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