SDSU students named to dean’s list

The following students have been named to the dean's list for academic excellence during the Spring 2010 semester at South Dakota State University. To earn dean's list distinctions in SDSU's eight colleges, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits and must have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.  Students with an asterisk received a perfect 4.0 grade point average.
College of Arts & Science
Greene, Sarah Beth*, Beresford
Manning, Mary Jo, Beresford
Hanson, Kyle Thomas, Elk Point
Hutcheson, Hali Marie, Elk Point
Hanson, Landon Loren, Viborg

College of Agricultural
& Biological Sciences
Clay, Ryan Duane*, Beresford
Bye, Brian Todd, Gayville
Bumsted, Jarrod , Vermillion
Hubert, Kyle Joseph*, Vermillion

Colleges of
& Biological Scienses/
General Studies
Frohling, Amanda Lee*, Vermillion
Hammond, Paul Chadima, Vermillion
Larsen, Troy Richard, Viborg

College of Education
& Human Sciences
Kaltenbach, Trista Elizabeth, Beresford
Strom, JoAnna Clare*, Beresford
Larsen, Myles Todd, Elk Point
McInerney, Linley Kate, Elk Point
Carlson, Casey Dean, Vermillion

Colleges of Education
& Human Sciences/
Ekeren, Jesse Glendon, Volin

Colleges of Education
& Human Sciences/
General Studies
Jepsen, Shannon Marie*, Meckling

College of Engineering
Bogue, Steven Douglas, Beresford
Auch, Matthew Isaac*, Centerville
Hasenbank, Christopher B, Elk Point
Schroeder, Clinton Caleb*, Irene
Schaack, Alexander Davis, Vermillion

College of
General Studies
Iles, Demaree Jay*, Vermillion

College of Nursing
Buum, Courtney Jane*, Beresford
Carlson, Sara Joyce, Beresford
Glover, Brittany Nicole*, Burbank
Knutson, Alison Jeane*, Centerville
Lawler, Allison Marie*, Elk Point
Olson, Michelle Mary*, Meckling
Burton, Maureen*, Vermillion

College of Pharmacy
Bruinsma, Reina Allaraye, Elk Point
Chicoine, Amanda, Lynn*, Elk Point
Wurtz, Kimberly Ann, Elk Point
Rudd, Jessica Marie, Irene
Krier, Tia Alexandra, Vermillion

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